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Golden Nuggets: Unnamed NFC coach thinks you (yes, you) pressured Kyle into taking Trey

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

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NFL Coach Thinks Fans Persuaded 49ers to Draft Trey Lance over Mac Jones in 2021

“According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, an offensive coach on an NFC team believes the 49ers were “100 percent taking” Mac Jones at No. 3 overall “until they saw their fanbase [overreact].”

Sources: Noticeable difference in Lance’s throws with healthy finger

“Sources close to the quarterback have shared with NBC Sports Bay Area that now, with a fully recovered finger, Lance’s passes are noticeably “more crisp and tighter.” Unable to fully use his index finger to finish off throws during the 2021 season, receivers had to adjust when Lance was under center.”

49ers TE George Kittle joins Kevin Hart on Cold as Balls, requests two bye weeks

“The San Francisco 49ers tight end discussed football, his desire to win a Super Bowl, his love of Harry Potter, his cosplay of choice if he went to San Diego Comic-Con, and more while submerged in an ice bath.”

Pelissero: ‘Scales are tipping’ toward Deebo Samuel playing for 49ers in 2022

“That means something because it at least means that Deebo Samuel is open-minded about the possibility of returning to San Francisco because, remember, this was driven by Deebo. He made a trade request in early April. The 49ers were willing to work toward a long-term contract. Deebo said, ‘Don’t bother. I don’t want to be here.’

2nd-year QB Rankings: NFL insiders share differing evaluations of 49ers’ Trey Lance

“I’ve heard the 49ers are not concerned with Lance’s arm strength and want to see him continue to apply all that he has learned in game-simulated settings,” Fowler wrote, “navigating the chaos from inside and outside the pocket. He threw a lot from the pre-draft process right through the regular season, so he took some time off to rest following the season. Over time, the 49ers have seen improvements in his delivery and footwork, two points of emphasis.”

Dueling 49ers 53-man roster forecasts: Tough decisions across the board (paywall)

“For now, we can set the table for the long summer ahead. Matt Barrows and David Lombardi project the 49ers’ 53-man roster in dueling fashion below. It’s a tricky game of Tetris that’ll also be influenced by 16 practice squad selections.”

Trey Lance isn’t 49ers only 2nd-year player under pressure in 2022

“Of the non-quarterbacks selected by San Francisco in 2021, these five players stand out as being under the most pressure for their sophomore season.”

49ers offseason roster: A battle brewing at RB

“Now they enter 2022 with something of a good problem. They’ll go into training camp with too many NFL-caliber running backs. While there are certainly a couple of locks to make the 53-man roster, versatility, role and overall effectiveness will ultimately decide which three or four RBs the team keeps on the roster to start the year.”

PFF: 49ers have strong edge-rushing depth, but D-line interior remains ‘potential weak point’

“With Javon Kinlaw yet to establish himself as an above-average starter on the interior, defensive tackle stands out as the one potential weak point of this unit,” wrote Linsey.”

Will the 49ers Re-Sign Jaquiski Tartt?

“It’s possible Tartt will do what Josh Norman did last year when he waited until after training camp to sign with the 49ers. Veterans such as Norman and Tartt don’t need training camp, but Talanoa sure does. So the 49ers can give him all the reps with the starters during camp and preseason and maybe even Week 1. And if it any point he shows he’s not good enough, perhaps Tartt will be available and affordable.”

49ers roster: Don’t be shocked if Spencer Burford starts in 2022

“Without getting too deep into the weeds about scouting and development, Burford’s negative traits are largely coachable, and his body frame is one that could easily translate into success on the interior of an O-line.”