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Golden Nuggets: Salute to Jaquiski

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Saturday, June 18, 2022

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Real Talk ‘9er Talk - Training Camp Wars

Speaking on the use of deep threats with Trey vs Jimmy, “Put it like this, last year when #10 was at QB. You know how when using a walkie-talkie or BlueTooth device, the further you get away from your phone, the harder it is to hear because you’re too far away and the call breaks up terribly? You’re too far! Yeah, that was #10 with the deep threats. OUT OF RANGE.”

49ers’ Danny Gray received a boost when his father figures sprang into action (paywall)

“When what should have been Gray’s freshman year of high school began, he wasn’t in school and he wasn’t on the field. Track season came around and he wasn’t there, either. No one knew what had happened. It was as if he’d vanished.

The mystery was solved one August day when another youth coach, Willie Lawrence, got a phone call. It was Gray, and he began to share where he’d been. His mother was a nurse working 16-hour shifts. There were seven others in the house, including two young siblings. Gray’s father wasn’t around and, well, Danny had been home taking care of the kids. He was a 14-year-old stay-at-home brother.

“He had to grow up a little bit faster than everyone else,” Lawrence said.”

Strong safety battle comes into focus for 49ers

“For the last seven years it’s been Jaquiski Tartt, but his 1-year free agent deal with the Philadelphia Eagles closed the door on his potential return and now the battle at the strong safety spot is clear... Going into camp it’ll be a three-man race for San Francisco between Tarvarius Moore, Talanoa Hufanga and George Odum.”

Matt Maiocco on Trey Lance’s offseason: ‘I just don’t know how things could have gone better’

“He has a strong arm he can get the ball down the field,” Maiocco said. “But to me just the leadership and the body language, the way he carries himself. He looks like a starter. So again, I would say I don’t know how the offseason and again this is no prediction on how the season’s gonna go once he starts playing meaningful football games, but I don’t know how the offseason could have gotten any better for him.”

CBS Sports labels 49ers’ handling of QB Jimmy Garoppolo as most questionable offseason move

“Just weeks later, 49ers general manager John Lynch was reportedly telling potentially interested teams that they had an offer of two second-round picks for Garoppolo on the table, according to Pro Football Talk. Well if that was the case, then they should have immediately accepted! Maybe the 49ers overestimated what they could get in trade compensation, which is something the Browns did with Baker Mayfield as well. Either the 49ers passed on a great offer, or more likely, overshot in trade talks. Now, they’re in a weird spot.”

Did the 49ers want Cam Taylor-Britt over Drake Jackson at pick no. 61?

“We stayed pat because there were players there that we liked at every pick. That’s a cool thing when a plan comes together. There were some fun moments in the draft. Some not so fun, like a player we really wanted and someone jumped us. But, that happens in every draft.”... It appears that Lynch was alluding to the 49ers’ first selection, where the Cincinnati Bengals traded ahead of the 49ers to select Nebraska defensive back Cam Taylor-Britt with the 60th overall pick.”

49ers roster: Get Ka’dar Hollman on your cornerback radar

“Hollman, 27 years old and 6-foot-0 and 196 pounds, is both at his prime in terms of age and has the ideal build. Going back to that 2020 season where he saw 14 games and played 108 defensive snaps, the cornerback was credited with allowing only seven completions on 17 targets for just 63 total yards.”