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Gold Diggers: Ranking the top ten fantasy quarterbacks of 2022

If you can grab Trey Lance, take him

A few weeks ago our own Michelle Magdziuk told us Trey Lance would be a top ten fantasy quarterback in 2022. On today’s Gold Diggers podcast, Michelle kicked off this year’s fantasy football preview by giving us the entire quarterback list.

As stated on the pod, this list is for standard scoring leagues, which means four points for a passing touchdown and six points for a rushing touchdown. If all things were even, the rankings would vary slightly, which we get into on the show.

I’ll include the list here, along with some of what Michelle provided for each player.

10. Dak Prescott

The Cowboys did suffer some losses on offense this offseason, but CeeDee Lamb should take a huge leap forward. Dak was QB9 last season and should still be good enough to hang on to a top ten spot.

9. Tom Brady

Brady’s incredible QB2 year last year was a bit of a surprise considering he was QB8 in 2020 and QB12 in 2019. Furthermore, he has dropped off a bit after a big year in the past. The last time he was QB2 in 2017 he fell to QB13 the following season. Chris Godwin’s ACL likely won’t be back to full strength to start the year and Gronk retired, so Brady dips a bit this year.

8. Joe Burrow

Joey B. was ridiculously efficient last year, leading the league in completion percentage (70.4%) and yards per attempt (8.9). While he may experience some regression in terms of efficiency this year, he’ll also likely have more than last year’s 520 pass attempts, which should make up for the difference.

7. Lamar Jackson

Michelle loves to say that mobility is a cheat code in fantasy football, and nobody can chew up yards on the ground like Jackson when he’s healthy. He’s never had fewer than 695 rushing yards in a season in his career. Unfortunately, the loss of Marquise Brown is going to hurt. Jackson had a passer rating of 105 when targeting Brown, and a passer rating of just 80 when targeting anyone else on the team in 2021.

6. Trey Lance

If Jalen Hurts can be QB6 last year in his second pro season, there’s no reason Lance can’t do the same - especially with better physical skills, more weapons around him, and Kyle Shanahan calling plays.

5. Patrick Mahomes

The loss of Tyreek Hill hurts but Michelle thinks the sum of this year’s parts will be greater than the whole of last year’s offense. JuJu Smith-Schuster, Skyy Moore, and Marquez Valdes-Scantling are better than anything the Chiefs had at WR2 last year. As long as Mahomes has Travis Kelce (and Andy Reid), you can’t get too down on this offense.

4. Kyler Murray

It never feels good to draft him, but Murray was still the fourth most productive QB in terms of points per game last year. As long as he’s on the field and healthy, he is a fantasy scorer. Marquise Brown will help them weather the storm during the DeAndre Hopkins suspension.

3. Justin Herbert

It’s hard to be more consistent than Herbert has been so far. He’s scored 15 or fewer points just three times in his career. On the other hand, he’s scored at least 20 points in almost 70% of his 32 career games. The guy just flat out produces.

2. Jalen Hurts

Michelle has been on the Jalen Hurts train since last year and she isn’t getting off any time soon. Hurts scored just 0.6 fewer points per game than Patrick Mahomes last year, and he did it while only tossing 16 touchdown passes. Throw in the fact that Hurts had 8 TDs called back last season and his work looks even more impressive. Adding AJ Brown this offseason doesn’t hurt, either.

1. Josh Allen

Simply put, he can do anything and his team asks him to do everything. Allen has been the top QB in each of the last two seasons and he may have his best supporting cast yet in 2022.

Listen to the entire episode for even more info, as well as a deep dive into one area where the 49ers’ offense will be much better in 2022 (brought on by this tweet from Mike Clay of ESPN).

Our fantasy football preview will continue next week when we’ll rank the top ten running backs, and Michelle will pay off a bet by eating a bowl of mayonnaise during the show.