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Do the 49ers already have a trade in place for Jimmy Garoppolo?

Jason Aponte explores why he thinks so on today’s Oh, Hey There! podcast

This week we got a report from Mike Giardi of NFL Media that Jimmy Garoppolo expects a “quick resolution” to his situation with the 49ers. On today’s Oh, Hey There! podcast, Jason Aponte wondered if a deal is already in place.

“Maybe there’s a handshake, under-the-table deal already agreed to, something like that....It does line up with everything Kyle Shanahan’s been saying. I think that this does get done pretty quickly. The last hurdle is, ‘Can Jimmy Garoppolo spin the ball again?’ Once he can, I feel like there is something that has been spoken about, gentleman’s agreement, something to that effect, and it’ll get done...It behooves both parties to do that because if he’s gonna move on, he needs to learn the playbook, he needs to get acclimated with his new receivers. You cannot put this off any longer and you cannot let this linger with the 49ers.”

Kyle Shanahan himself said in May that he expects Garoppolo to be traded. John Lynch also told KNBR in May that the team was close to trade before news of Jimmy’s surgery brought things to a “screeching halt.”

By now, teams have had plenty of time to figure out their quarterback situations and make their best offer to the 49ers. It’s not unreasonable to think that John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have already chosen which one they find acceptable, and once teams are able to see Garoppolo throw the ball in a workout/pro day type setting that they’d be comfortable making things official.

As to the final compensation in that deal? Aponte predicted the Panthers would give up a third round pick in exchange for Garoppolo and money off his contract. If that was the case, it would be a big win for the Niners. Acquiring a decent draft pick for a quarterback you don’t want when almost every other team in the league has their roster set would be a strong return, even if they had to fork over some money to make it happen.

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