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Golden Nuggets: What would “leaps and bounds” of growth look like to you?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, June 30th, 2022

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Schrager: Lance has grown ‘leaps and bounds’ as leader for 49ers

“Now we’re at the point where Jimmy needs to start throwing, he has not been with the team. For the most part, when he has been training, he’s been in southern California. Trey Lance has been with the team, Trey Lance has been leading practices, Trey Lance has been leading guys, Trey Lance has been throwing with wide receivers. I don’t think the train has left the station in terms of who are you going into battle with Week 1. Trey Lance grew leaps and bounds the last few months from what I’m told as far as playbook but also as far as voice in the locker room. Jimmy being gone, Trey has really taken that and been like ‘I’m the dude, follow me’ and a lot of the guys are starting to follow and ‘okay this is going to be our future leader.’”

49ers offseason roster: How will DT group handle D.J. Jones exit?

“The interior of the defensive line has unquestionably been a strength of the 49ers’ roster during Kyle Shanahan’s tenure. However, for the second time in three seasons, it will have to combat a significant loss to prosper in 2022.”

49ers top-ranked LB corps may only be getting better

“In 2019 it was Greenlaw who shined with Kwon Alexander out for roughly half the year. Last season it was Al-Shaair who stepped into a larger role when Greenlaw went down with a groin injury in Week 1.

Their games are different, but they both offer the athleticism required to be an every-down linebacker in the modern NFL. They’re also in a spot to take a leap with unrestricted free agency looming for both in 2023.”

Kawakami: Why do the Trey Lance/49ers and James Wiseman/Warriors situations get so much criticism? TK Mailbag (paywall)

“Lance is 22. He’s started two NFL games. He played one college game in 2020. I don’t see what the rush is to determine exactly what he can and can’t do on an NFL field, though it’s obvious that Lance is more mobile than Garoppolo and presumably, at least for now, less steady with all the necessary reads in a Shanahan offense and possibly on the shorter throws.

I do expect Shanahan to make a few tweaks to his offense, including the read-option stuff we saw last training camp when Lance was just starting. But overall, Shanahan didn’t draft Lance as a way to change his entire offense. He drafted Lance to expand things, not limit them. Shanahan will expect Lance to be able to drop back and read the field, as he expects all his quarterbacks to do. And Shanahan will want Lance to be able to do things with his legs and arm strength that Garoppolo could not do.”

49ers season a borderline disaster in ESPN 2023 mock draft

“Miami in the ESPN mock picks Army edge rusher Andre Carter II with the 49ers’ No.13 selection. Carter last year stuffed the stat sheet with 32 tackles, 18.5 tackles for loss, 15.5 sacks, one interception, three pass breakups and four forced fumbles.”