Why The Heck Not?

It bugs me.

Most articles I read. The topic of most Podcasts Podcasters keep trying to get me to click on. TV interviews. "Analysts." Pundits. Tweets. Blog comments. Gawd! Sometimes I want to scream, "Make the noise stop!!"

The common theme of all that noise is most often reasons why the team will fail. Trey Lance inexperience. FCS, yadda yadda. "Unproven." Yeah, that's the one that chaps my arse the most. OF COURSE he's "unproven." Name that first year starter that was proven before he did it. You can't! And it goes on. Why Kinlaw will suck? He didn't play well last year while he had the problem that may have been solved since. Why Banks will suck? He didn't play last year. Why nothing will work out? Because...........reasons.

But what if all that noise backed by zero real evidence is just, well, meaningless noise and nothing more?

There's reasons why every year half of the teams in the previous years playoffs are out, and replaced by other teams. Most of those changes aren't predicted. You know why? Because all these people making all this noise have no way of knowing. So then why put any stock in it? We shouldn't. But we will anyway.

But here's what bugs me most. Why isn't it also possible that things will go right? Why not lots of things? Why not everything? Is it likely? Of course not. But guess what. It's also unlikely that everything will go wrong. Given that nobody knows, I thought it would be nice to think about the positive side of what's not likely, but possible instead of the constant downside.

What if?

What if Trey Lance exceeds our most hopeful expectations? What if when Shanahan, Lynch and others inside the organization that sing Trey's praises are right? You know, the guys that see him up close and know a couple things about evaluating Football players? What if we have the healthiest season we've had under the current regime instead of the most injured? What if Banks and Kinlaw play well? What if the Deebo saga turns out for the best? What if Kittle has a healthy season? What if Hufanga is an upgrade over Tartt? What if not just some, but all of that happens?

I don't think it's crazy to think this Defense can be top 5, and I'd bet most of us will agree there. I also think it's beyond reasonable to bet that our Special Teams, our weakest link last year, will be dramatically improved. Is it crazy to think our offense can be equal to last years? Maybe a notch better? And like all teams with multiple new pieces, it's certainly reasonable to expect a season where cohesion and efficiency ascends as the season goes. So then it's reasonable to think we'll enter the stretch run playing our best Football. All good teams do that. Why not us?

I'm bullish on this team. I love the leadership and trust their process. I'm excited for what our new coaches will add to the mix and feel it will make us harder for opponents to prepare for. I love Trey Lance and still believe he will prove to be the right choice and best in that class. I'm pumped that last years weaknesses were well addressed this off-season. I'm even excited at the prospect of two former first round talents, Verrett and Dennard, enjoying a resurgent season of straight up balling and making it hard for last years best at that position to even start this year! I can't wait for our improved special teams to make game winning plays instead of making wins harder to come by and I look forward to having a dangerous returner instead of one you hope fair catches punts and lets kickoffs blow through the end zone. I'm looking forward to Javon Kinlaw making Grant Cohn eat his words, and a side of squirrel to go with his crow, and I can't wait for Hufanga's first pick 6.

And Trey. We have a QB with elite physical tools. I'm believing there's a world where he's the real deal instead of what all the noise makers keep trying to sell us.

When I check my math, I come to only one conclusion.


Why the heck not!

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