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Carolina beat writer on Jimmy G.: The Panthers want no part of his $26.9 million salary

The Niners may not have a choice but to eat some of Jimmy’s salary

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The 49ers shift to mandatory minicamp this week as the festivities kick off on Tuesday. Kyle Shanahan expects the starters who missed OTAs, Deebo Samuel included, to be present.

One player we know who won’t be in attendance is Jimmy Garoppolo, as he continues to recover from shoulder surgery. Shanahan also recently stated that he expects Garoppolo to be traded once healthy.

If the Niners are counting on Carolina as a potential suitor, they may need to eat some of Garoppolo’s salary, according to Jonathan M. Alexander of the Charlotte Observer:

Finding a veteran rental who is an upgrade would allow Corral to sit and develop.

Mayfield seems like the best, and most likely option over San Francisco’s Jimmy Garoppolo even if Panthers receiver Robbie Anderson isn’t thrilled with the idea of Mayfield coming to Charlotte.

But Garoppolo’s recent shoulder surgery, as well as his injury history, is a far greater concern for some within the organization. The Panthers want no part of his $26.9 million salary, and the 49ers haven’t shown a willingness to take to carry those payments in a trade.

Alexander paints the picture as though the Panthers will play the wait-and-see game to see whether or not Cleveland releases Baker Mayfield. The Browns are still unsure how many games their starter will be suspended.

Perhaps, the best-case scenario for the 49ers involves the Browns holding onto Baker. That way, the Panthers are left to decide between Jimmy G. and free agents such as Cam Newton, who the article said would enter training camp as a backup.

For any trade to work, it’ll take sacrifice. The Niners will likely be forced to take on some of Jimmy’s contract. That’s something we’ve discussed all offseason but feels more and more inevitable the closer we get to training camp.

Some of the questions I have are how much of Garoppolo’s contract is San Francisco willing to take on and what a team like Carolina would be willing to give up draft compensation-wise if the Niners were to do so. Of course, if I’m John Lynch, the only way I’m taking on money is if the pick I get in return increases in value.