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Which NFL team would you root for if it wasn’t the 49ers?

Today’s question of the day

San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Is it possible to have a second favorite team? That’s a touchy subject. There’s this fictional loyalty in sports where fans act like you can only root for one team. I’m not saying you should root for the Yankees and Red Sox, but is it such a crime to be a fan of two teams in different conferences in a league with 32 teams?

As someone who finds it easier to root for players, I wouldn’t judge you for being a fan of the 49ers and the Dolphins. Everyone’s circumstances are different. This brings us to today’s question of the day.

Do you have a second favorite NFL team? If not, which team would you root for if the 49ers didn’t exist? Is there a team you look forward to watching outside of the Bay Area? Perhaps you don’t root for them but respect how they operate.

I was born in San Diego and went to Chargers games as a kid. We were Chargers fans. Then, they moved. Now, everyone’s favorite off-season team means nothing to me. That’s difficult, for whatever reason, for a lot of people to grasp. I’ve seen how getting attached to sports teams makes people think, act, and react. I’ll pass on being a diehard fan.

It’s easy to root for the 49ers since they run my life. But they’re the type of team I typically root for—chaotic, talented, flawed, and fun. Plus, I’ve been waiting all of my life to root for a black quarterback on a team I like.

  • The Ravens are exciting in their own way. Lamar Jackson has a jaw-dropping play seemingly every quarter. John Harbaugh had to pull a rabbit out of his hat to field a team with all of the injuries they had last year. Aesthetically, I enjoy watching Baltimore’s style of play.
  • It’ll be tough not to watch what Mike McDaniel does in Miami with all of that speed — especially once they get a quarterback. But the more I think about it, the more I’ll go off into the sunset rooting for the Niners. Other teams aren’t nearly as exciting week to week.