Kyle is 0-4 so far on QB’s. . .

I trust in Kyle and Lynch tremendously. They basically built us a Super Bowl team in just 2 seasons. However, Kyle has been terrible on his evaluations concerning QB’s. I pray he breaks this run of bad picks with Lance.

1: Nick Mullins

2: CJ B

3: Nate S

4: Hoyer

5: B Purdy?? (TBD)

In Kyle’s defense he did want Cousins and I believe we could of won it all in 2019 and last year if we had him at QB. Like I mentioned already I hope he breaks this terrible run with Lance. It’s crazy for someone to be so good, probably the best offensive coach, that he sucks at picking QB’s. Can’t wait until this season it’s going to be great offensively & defensively!

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