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The Shanaplan: The 49ers have given other teams permission to re-negotiate Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract

Could Jimmy be on the roster by the time the preseason starts?

NFL: OCT 07 Browns at 49ers Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You name it, and a national media member has chimed in about Jimmy Garoppolo this week. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio believes the Texans are waiting in the wings for Jimmy G’s services.

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero said the league expects Garoppolo to be traded by the end of the month. Could you imagine the 49ers starting training camp and No. 10 taking the field? Talk about a circus. That’s an unnecessary distraction I doubt the Niners are willing to entertain.

The most recent media member to chime in is Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, who went as far as saying Jimmy Garoppolo has become underrated:

Money is going to come into it, because where we are in the calendar. I think Jimmy has become underrated. He’s been in the NFC Championship two out of the last three years. He’s not a bad player. But the shoulder obviously screwed up the timing. When you have a shoulder injury that could screw up that one year, he’s going to be tough to move. So he has to prove he can throw.

What’s interesting is, and I think this has gone a little underreported, the Niners have been 100% willing to let other teams come in and talk to Jimmy’s camp about re-negotiating his number.

It’s different than Baker’s [Mayfield], as you know because Baker’s was guaranteed. None of Jimmy’s money is guaranteed. And so, I think a lot of what happens with Jimmy is going to come down to how to you thread the needle if you’re Jimmy to, I want to go start somewhere else, I want to get what I’m worth, but I also understand there’s not going to be a team out there with the cash or cap flexibility to give me what’s on my contract right now.

To me, once he’s able to throw, is there a team out there that’s willing to negotiate his number down. And is Jimmy willing to negotiate his number down? Are the Niners willing to take on some of the money to sort of buy back a draft pick? There are a lot more moving pieces with the Jimmy situation than people realize. I think he’s a better player than people realize too.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the Niners wait a couple of weeks into camp and it turns into there’s an injury somewhere, or somebody isn’t happy with their quarterback situation, and now all of a sudden you have a home for him.

That’s a lot to take in, and Breer is likely spot on about the multiple moving parts involving Garoppolo. He throws out the possibility of Jimmy being on the roster into training camp. Again, I’d be surprised if that happens.

During today’s episode of The Shanaplan, Akash and I go into everything Garoppolo-related, Trey Lance’s arm fatigue, and why Brandon Aiyuk is in his corner.