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Golden Nuggets: Keep your enemies close

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, July 15, 2022

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“The 49ers certainly evaluated Garoppolo’s talents and potential before drafting Lance and eventually putting the veteran on the trade block. If they are confident in their assessments, they should not worry about Garoppolo coming back to haunt them as a player. The Eagles successfully navigated this problem with McNabb, and the 49ers could do it if they are convinced that Garoppolo’s game does not threaten their chances of claiming a division title.”

Seattle Times: If the Seahawks really want to ‘always compete,’ they should pursue Jimmy Garoppolo (paywall)

“Here are more reasons the Seahawks should “be all over” Garoppolo if the 49ers cut him, in the words of ESPN’s Louis Riddick. His decision-making, a weakness earlier in his career, has gotten increasingly better (though still with some maddening lapses). Garoppolo is well-versed in the offensive philosophy of Shane Waldron, which is very similar to that of the 49ers. He has an exceptionally quick release and is maybe the best in the league at play fakes, both of which would suit Carroll.”

Steve Young explains why he thinks it’s possible Jimmy Garoppolo stays with 49ers

“A year ago today, I talked about the 49ers’ quarterback situation as being fraught with terror,” Young told NBC Sports’ Matt Maiocco. “And I give Jimmy credit for not only playing pretty well, but making sure it was not fraught with terror. He did a good job. It was hard and it was complicated. I really appreciate his spirit in how he did that. It was a tough spot and he did a good job.”

49ers’ George Kittle grabs top spot in ESPN’s TE rankings, Deebo Samuel among top 10 WRs

“Other 49ers stars who have earned spots within ESPN’s position-by-position top 10 rankings are Fred Warner, who is No. 3 among off-ball linebackers, Arik Armstead, who is No. 8 among defensive tackles, and Nick Bosa, who is No. 3 among edge rushers.“

What the Cowboys’ debacle vs. the 49ers should teach us: Revisiting the playoff loss (paywall)

“This is certainly not to remove blame from Prescott, McCarthy or Moore. If your offense fails you as the Cowboys’ did, it’s reminding those of us with memory issues by watching the tape again to remember the battle was up front in this playoff disappointment and Dallas lost badly on both sides of the ball. You can beat bad teams up front, but those who build their team from the ball out are the teams you find in the playoffs. San Francisco walked into your stadium and won nearly every battle. Yes, Deebo Samuel was great and Elijah Mitchell was solid. But, if the Cowboys’ identity is up front, then they should have been very determined to solidify it. It doesn’t appear that has happened. I feel like almost every decision was financial.”

10 most impactful 49ers in 2021: C Alex Mack makes the cut

“Mack finished the season as one of the better pass-protecting centers, allowing only two sacks on 680 pass-blocking reps and earning the 4th best pass-protecting grade amongst all centers.”