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Golden Nuggets: Only a few offseason Mondays remaining

Your daily San Francisco 49ers News for Monday, July 18, 2022

PFF reporter names ‘most logical destination’ for 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo

“Kyed wrote. “I’ve written about it before, but if Watson is suspended a full season, then his contract will toll, and it would become at least more reasonable for Cleveland to acquire another quarterback who will give them a chance to be more competitive than if Jacoby Brissett starts in 2022.”

Why the 49ers Could Have to Wait Until Midseason to Trade Jimmy Garoppolo

“So if the Browns don’t trade for Garoppolo, then there probably won’t be another trade partner for Garoppolo, at least until the season starts. In that case, the 49ers would have the cap space to keep him yet another year, this time as a backup. And if a quarterback from another team were to suffer a serious injury before the trade deadline, the 49ers could offer Garoppolo to that team in exchange for a second- or third-round pick. The 49ers even could pick up some of Garoppolo’s salary if necessary to make the deal work. That seems to be the most likely way the 49ers would trade Garoppolo.”

49ers roster: Charles Omenihu poised for a massive role in 2022

“Turning 25 years old before the start of the regular season, the 6-foot-5 and 280-pound Omenihu still has potential to reach, and it’s possible the 49ers are leaving the door open for him to be a base-down starter.”

49ers roster: Segun Olubi must make a name for himself

“The 6-foot-2, 220-pound defender does have a decent physique for an off-ball linebacker and someone who can make plays in space. And he has some ranginess, too, which he’ll need to make a dent at the pro level.”