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2 NFL insiders list the New York Giants as a possibility for Jimmy Garoppolo

This is a new one....

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers

Another day, another new team was predicted as a potential destination for Jimmy Garoppolo. NFL Network’s David Carr believes it’s ‘very possible’ the New York Giants could make a move for Garoppolo:

“I initially thought Brian [Daboll] would make a move for Mitchell Trubisky when he was available because you don’t necessarily know what you have in Daniel Jones. Now with Jimmy, I think the issue is his shoulder. No one really knows. I think what teams are going to do is wait until the first or second preseason game — if Jimmy gets in for San Francisco — and just kind of see. Like, does he look healthy? And then I think that’s when you might see the Giants make a move.”

I think the world of Daboll and believe he has what it takes to turn the Giants around. Daniel Jones has done nothing to make you think he’ll lead New York to wins. Daboll and the new regime don’t have ties to Jones.

The Giants signed Tyrod Taylor this offseason, but the quarterbacks’ cap number doesn’t surpass $10 million between him and Jones. Taylor wouldn’t prevent New York from pursuing Jimmy.

Former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum also linked the Giants and Garoppolo:

The team did not pick up current starter Daniel Jones’ fifth-year option, and he is set to hit the open market next March. Bringing in Garoppolo would make sense in a way because they do not seem to have a contingency plan. And as such the mid-round conditional pick cost for Garoppolo might be worthwhile.

New York electing not to pick up Jones’ fifth-year option tells you all you need to know about their faith in him. I wonder if the Giants’ mid-round pick would be Jones himself.

That would offset Garoppolo’s salary. If you’re the 49ers, you could use Jones as a reclamation project without him playing a snap. He’s the type of athlete that Kyle Shanahan could find some use for if he does find the field. Last year, we heard Mitch Trubisky doing all of the right things in Buffalo. He ended up signing a deal with the Steelers and projects to be the starter.

That’s wishful thinking, but I’d take a flyer on Jones and feel more confident in him being a backup than Nate Sudfeld or Brock Purdy.

Garoppolo and the Giants were brought up on The Shanaplan as a surprise destination a couple of weeks ago. It makes sense for all of the reasons above. The question is, is Jimmy’s shoulder healthy, and would the Giants be willing to essentially change their entire plan at quarterback for 2022 essentially.