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Golden Nuggets: Warner, Gould rave about Lance’s maturity, confidence, leadership

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Fred Warner: Trey Lance is ready for it

“He’s fit in with the group since Day 1,” Warner said. “I think he’s come in with the right mindset, the humility. The front office continues to bring in guys that love the game. They love football. They are good people. And Trey’s continued to work hard. And that’s how you build respect amongst your teammates and your peers, is by putting in the work, day in and day out, and guys seeing that.

Robbie Gould: Trey Lance “a lot more mature” than people think

“He’s a lot more mature than people think and/or know,” Gould said, via Matt Maiocco of “He’s a young kid. I think I started playing in the NFL when he was three, so it makes me feel a little bit older than normal. But I think just the ability for him to be able to run — I think he looks more comfortable in the offense. He’s a great leader in the locker room.”

Deebo Samuel not a top 10 receiver in Madden 23

“The full ratings are yet to be released by Electronic Arts — the company that ruined the Madden franchise and other titles years ago in favor of promoting microtransactions — who released the ratings of the 10 best receivers and tight ends in the game.”

49ers have 4 of 20 most-watched sporting events in 2022

“2. NFC championship, 49ers vs. Rams, 50.23 million

5. NFC wild card, 49ers vs. Cowboys, 41.50 million

7. NFC divisional playoffs, 49ers vs. Packers, 36.92 million

18. Week 18, 49ers vs. Rams, 19.31 million.”

49ers QB Trey Lance named among 15 second-year breakout candidates

“All in all, it was a solid passing grade for a player who was the youngest quarterback in his draft class, played FCS competition at North Dakota State, and saw only one game of live action in 2020,” Renner continued.

5 toughest defensive players 49ers will face in 2022

“Now, in tandem with former Chicago Bears EDGE Khalil Mack, Bosa and the Chargers’ defensive front figure to become one of the more formidable units in the NFL this season.”

Cohn: Why the 49ers Should Trade for Jessie Bates

“Bates, 25, is a former second-round pick who has intercepted 10 passes in four career seasons. The Bengals recently gave him the franchise tag, and he says he refuses to report to training camp or play at all this season without a multi-year extension. Perhaps the Bengals will call his bluff, or maybe they’ll trade him right before the season starts.”

Fred Warner confident issues between 49ers, Deebo Samuel ‘will work themselves out’

“I think when each player that goes through that process, from a teammate’s perspective, and knowing that I’ve been through that process as well, you’ve got to let that guy go through it, however it may go,” Warner said. “I know there’s been ups and downs. That’s just another part of it that a lot of people don’t see. You see the games on Sundays and things like that, but this is kind of just another part of that process, and Deebo’s going through that with the guys who are in charge of the team.