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Oh, Hey There! Deebo Samuel doesn’t care about Madden ratings

“The only game I play is NBA2K”

Training camp might not start for another week, but Deebo Samuel is already stiff-arming people. As the ratings for this year’s Madden travesty game began making the rounds, people noticed that Samuel was not listed among the top ten wide receivers. Deebo himself definitely noticed as well.

Whether 19 truly cares or not is up for debate, but one person we know doesn’t care is Jason Aponte, who ripped the game on today’s Oh, Hey There! podcast.

“Let me explain something. I see the large portion of the internet, year after year, complain about the game. ‘I’m not buying it,’ ‘It’s the same game,’ ‘This game is broke.’ Yet these Madden ratings have you in a tizzy. If you don’t care about the game, and won’t buy it, then don’t care about the ratings! I sure won’t.”

“Once Madden ratings translate to field,” Leo Luna added, “Then I’ll care. If Madden ratings don’t translate to the field, I don’t give a damn.”

Just to put Deebo’s 2021 season in perspective, he became the first player in the 100+ year history of the National Football League to have at least 1,500 receiving yards and 500 rushing yards in the same season (including playoffs). Almost 30% of his catches went for 20 yards or more. He was tied for second on the team in both red zone targets and red zone rushing attempts.

Simply put, it doesn’t get more amazing than that. At least to everyone not making monopolistic video games.

Make sure you check out the full episode on today’s show because the guys gave you four things they’re watching going into training camp, the future of Jimmy Garoppolo, and more!

More topics in today’s episode

  • Jason’s rant on why Madden ratings don’t matter at all (:54)
  • Percentage chance the 49ers excuse Jimmy G. from training camp (4:27)
  • Who will be the starting center for this team? (10:22)
  • How does Mike McGlinchey look coming back from a career-threatening injury? (13:43)
  • Who rises up to take the nickel corner spot? (19:11)
  • Are we really sold on Talanoa Hufanga at safety? (26:10)
  • Jason’s honorable mention thing to watch at camp (33:55)