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Golden Nuggets: Deebo “about to get paid” and Jimmy’s “throwing well”

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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Rapoport: 49ers thrilled with Jimmy Garoppolo’s recovery, expect QB to be fully cleared by mid-August

“So let’s give an update on how he is doing physically. I’m told Jimmy Garoppolo saw Dr. Neal ElAttrache, the respected surgeon who did his surgery to repair the torn capsule in his throwing shoulder earlier in this offseason. That was over the last several days. He is progressing extremely well, working with a physical therapist every day, doing exactly what he needs to [do].... It is all positive, and the expectation is he’ll be fully cleared—in other words, able to make all the throws, 40 yards down the field and more—at about mid-August. That is the expectation. I’m told the 49ers are thrilled with where Jimmy Garoppolo is [right now], as far as his health. The rotator cuff—that is expected to be stronger when he gets through all of this.”

Could viral video from Deebo’s trainer hint at 49ers extension?

On Tuesday, Samuel’s trainer posted a video to Instagram from a workout with the star receiver and said, “He about to get paid.”

Barrows: Top 5 49ers training camp position battles: Where things stand and who to watch (paywall)

“This one will hinge on how comfortable the 49ers are with Womack by the end of training camp. He looked sharp and aggressive during spring drills, and the 49ers hope he turns into a latter-day Williams. But success at the nickel spot largely depends on experience and communication, and Womack’s ability to mesh with Jimmie Ward, Hufanga, Fred Warner and others ultimately will decide the competition.”

Mike McGlinchey says he is ‘ready to go’ for 49ers training camp, clarifies it was a tendon injury

“It wasn’t my quad muscle,” McGlinchey clarified. “It was the tendon that connects the quad to the knee cap. So thankfully, [it] was still like five percent attached, so the muscle didn’t recoil up my leg because that would have made rehab quite a bit harder.”

Deebo Samuel back in Bay Area 1 week before training camp

“He stands to lose money if he starts missing camp days so it would behoove him to at least show up and participate on a limited basis the way he did for mandatory minicamp.”

“The sky’s the limit for Trey”: Mike McGlinchey discusses Lance’s progress with 49ers

“Then this offseason came, and he shows who he really is, and takes command of this locker room, takes command of this offense, takes command of this team,” McGlinchey said. “I’m so excited for him and what happens. The sky’s the limit for Trey. I think he’s got every tool in the toolbox and unmatched athleticism to back it up too. That’s what’s cool. ... I think the football thing is just getting started for him. But first and foremost, the dude that he is, is what’s most impressive to me.”

49ers’ Mike McGlinchey: Javon Kinlaw is ‘gearing up for a hell of a year’

“He looks [unbelievable],” McGlinchey shared. “I’ve never seen a human being look like him. He is freaky looking—in the best way possible. ... He’s gearing up for a hell of a year. Unbelievably motivated, unbelievably determined to prove that he’s a great football player, which we all know he is already.

Colin Cowherd’s 4 Reasons Why Trey Lance Will Succeed as 49ers Starting QB

“Number one – Kyle Shanahan’s system works for everybody. Matt Ryan was an MVP, Matt Schaub was a Pro Bowler. It works for EVERYBODY. Secondly, the Niners roster is a Super Bowl roster, two of the last three years they have been in the conference championship. Three, it’s a quarterback-friendly but not a quarterback-dependent system, it eases you in. And four, size, smarts, mobility, athleticism… he’s got a lot of traits and he checks a lot of boxes. The one he doesn’t – accurate thrower of the football. It’s not pretty and he’s completing like 57% of his throws. Can he get to 62.5? Then you can make it.”

Why Bleacher Report believes the 49ers will win more than 10 games in 2022

“If Bleacher Report’s Brent Sobleski were to bet on Kyle Shanahan’s squad, he would take the over, believing the 49ers are perfectly capable of exceeding oddsmakers’ expectations.”