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49ers in Five Poll: Is there anything Trey Lance could do in camp to change your opinion of him?

Entering camp with an open mind....

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

Our long national nightmare is coming to an end - training camp starts this week. With the start of camp comes the scrutiny of one Trey no-middle-name-as-far-as-I-can-tell Lance.

The eyes of the NFL world will be keeping a keen eye on everything he does, which made me wonder: Is there anything Lance can do during training camp that will change your opinion of him?

I ask this question in good faith and hope you’ll answer truthfully regardless of how you feel about him. If you think Trey is already a bust and the Niners are in trouble, great. If you think Lance is set up for success and is set to burst onto the scene, that’s also great.

What I’d like to get to the bottom of is whether those feelings will be influenced by what happens over the coming weeks. We’ll be getting daily updates from Kyle Posey, Jordan Elliott, and Jason Aponte, who will be in Santa Clara watching practices. Will a couple of poor practices shake your faith?

There are always tales of players who are “looking f*cking good” in the summer, only to completely disappear once the real games start. The aforementioned Mohamed Sanu last year was a perfect example. Everyone raved about him before the year began, yet he played in only eight games and had 166 yards and 0 TDs. How do you differentiate between a good start from a young player or the mirage of a Training Camp Hero?

Where do you come down? Vote in our poll here and leave a comment explaining your vote. Also, be sure to listen to the return of the 49ers in Five podcast to hear two other key things to watch during camp.

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Is there anything Trey Lance can do in training camp to change your opinion of him?

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