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Golden Nuggets: Listening to Kyle talk will make you fired up for this season

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

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49ers 2022 training camp practice and media schedule - Weeks 1-2

“Tuesday, July 26 11:00 a.m. [PT]- Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch press conference
Following Lynch and Shanahan - Player availability

Wednesday, July 27 10:25 a.m. [PT] - Practice
After practice - Kyle Shanahan press conference
Following Shanahan - Player availability”

Kawakami: Kyle Shanahan and the official start of the 49ers’ Trey Lance era (paywall)

“I just went out to lunch with Trey and BA, they were down in San Diego, me and (John) Lynch met and had lunch with them the other day,” Shanahan said. “And BA was just joking about arm fatigue and I didn’t know what he was talking about. And they were all laughing. They didn’t know why I wasn’t laughing. I guess BA wrote something about arm fatigue and they just assume that everyone in the world knows that.

And Trey’s like, ‘Yeah, I don’t have any.’ I’m, ‘You shouldn’t have even brought it up because I didn’t think that you had any. I don’t know what the hell you guys are talking about.’ And then they just start laughing.”

Kyle Shanahan: 49ers made 2022 QB decision a year ago with Trey Lance

“I see us going into this season very much to where Trey’s going to do a lot of good stuff, but he also hasn’t played a lot of ball. And that’s why we can take him through these games and still have a chance to win each game [we’re in] without putting him in all that stuff because he does have a defense he can rely on [and] he’ll have a running game he can rely on. I love our weapons with our receivers [and] our tight ends, and I’m really excited about our team here to where we don’t have to go into it and [think] it’ll be all about Trey. I think it’s going to be all about our team and we’re going to allow him to move with our team. The kid’s made of the right stuff and he has the ability to do it, and [I] hope the fans are patient with him. I think our team’s going to understand that we have the right type of guy, and they’re going to see some real encouraging stuff out there from him early.”

49ers QB Trey Lance’s arm fatigue “not a concern at all,” according to Kyle Shanahan

“No, it’s not a concern at all. Trey had some injuries last year when he broke his finger and stuff that he had to adjust some things to fight through and get through which made him have some weeks where he did have a sore arm and things like that. But, I haven’t had a quarterback I’ve ever gone through in my career where there wasn’t one time in that year where their arm wasn’t bothering them. So, there’s no like difference in other guys or arm fatigue or anything like that. He had a great OTAs. He’s in as good of a place right now as I’ve been around and I just can’t wait for him to start practice here in a couple days.”

49ers’ Kyle Shanahan believes Deebo Samuel will participate in drills at training camp

“The days of holding out and stuff are a little bit different now because players, regardless of what the team decides later, always have to pay [the fines] back.” Now, those fines can’t get paid back [because of the new CBA]. What I do know is I’m not worried about it not getting done. I feel very confident that Deebo’s going to be on our team this year, and he’s going to be for many years after. I do believe he’ll get a deal.”

Fowler hears Lance seems ready to make 49ers ‘forget’ Jimmy G

“I’ve also heard — especially this summer when he was working out — I was told if he looks like this in camp, the way he’s looking right now, then people are going to forget really quickly about Jimmy Garoppolo,” Fowler said.

Opposing coaches, executives not high on 49ers QB Trey Lance

“I love the skill set, but he had ball-accuracy concerns on his tape coming out, and he was really raw,” one head coach told Sando. “The very little I’ve seen of him last season, he’s got a little Tim Tebow to him — it’s a long delivery. It seems like there are some mechanical things he has to work out. But that is from watching a limited number of plays.”

Branch: Do 49ers need to lose Garoppolo before they can lock up Bosa, Samuel? (paywall)

“That isn’t necessary. General manager John Lynch has noted that the scheduled cap 2022 hits for Bosa ($10.8 million) and Samuel ($4.89 million) actually could be lowered by signing them to backloaded extensions in which higher cap figures are pushed to later years.”

49ers’ Deebo Samuel seen working out in Bay Area ahead of training camp amid contract talks

“I can tell you the sides have been in communication,” Pelissero reported on NFL Network. “They have had contract talks on a long-term deal that would keep Deebo in San Francisco. But at this point, there is absolutely nothing that is imminent.”

Fred Warner on 49ers DC DeMeco Ryans: “I know what greatness looks like”

“The expectation is to be the best always, to be the No. 1 defense. Last season, I feel like we had a really good year. I don’t know what we finished in the rankings for overall defense, but I know we were at the top. I know that, given what we did last year, and who we’re bringing back, and the fire that we’re bringing back in our bellies knowing that we want to be the best, I know we’re only gonna get better.”

49ers training camp: 10 storylines to track from Trey Lance to Charvarius Ward (paywall)

“With that in mind, Matt Barrows and David Lombardi have listed the top 10 things they’ll be eying this summer, from how much they’ll glimpse Garoppolo — last seen throwing a ball in the NFC Championship Game — to how Brian Schneider’s special teams units can contribute to a winning team.”

Will 49ers DE Charles Omenihu be the Arden Key of 2022?

“It’s a little different, coming in playing a traditional five-technique, six-technique, and then coming here and not doing that, being so wide, it’s a little different,” Omenihu said. “Something that you just gotta continue to practice, not something you just jump into and think ‘I’m gonna be good’. You gotta continue to practice and practice and get your reps in and once you do, you see why guys are successful here and why everywhere [defensive line coach] Kris [Kocurek] has been, D-linemen have produced.”

49ers camp battles: How will D-line rotation look opposite Bosa?

“After being asked to play in multiple different positions on the line in college, consistent coaching will also allow [Drake] Jackson to hone in on specific tasks and ultimately flourish.”