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Golden Nuggets: Secondary, pass rush show out on Day 2

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, July 29th, 2022

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Hutchinson: 49ers practice report: ‘Really good day’ for the defense as DBs stand out

“Trey Lance sent a deep ball far down the left sideline and Aiyuk extended to catch it, but Emmanuel Moseley ripped through the catch point and jarred it loose as the two came to the ground.

The corner pairing of Moseley and Charvarius Ward has looked stellar thus far. Ambry Thomas has looked a clear level below, and that’s not necessarily a criticism. Moseley and Ward have simply been on another plane, and that’s taking into account that Jason Verrett could return, too.”

Barrows: The 49ers’ big summer question: How quickly can Trey Lance speed up? (paywall)

“Lance had his moments. On one play, he drifted to his left and found Aiyuk in front of Charvarius Ward. On the next, Jennings used his big body and strong hands to shield Ward for a nice gain. But overall, Thursday’s practice was a decisive win for the defense and served as a good education for the young quarterback.”

Seahawks have everything to do with 49ers holding onto Jimmy G

“If the Seahawks want Garoppolo, they’re going to have to pay some price to the 49ers to acquire him now — rather than wait a month and reduce the chances that he can be playing at a high level early in the season.”

Cohn: The Good and Not So Good from Day 2 of 49ers Training Camp: Trey Lance Pulls a Jimmy G

“Completed just 6 of 14 pass attempts and threw an interception right to a defender standing 10 yards in front of him. Lance never saw him, because he was throwing to his left, where he struggles to see coverage — Colin Kaepernick had the same issue. As the practice progressed, Lance seemed to get frustrated, and began forcing incomplete passes downfield into double coverage. He clearly wanted to do something impressive, but he couldn’t find the opportunity, partially because he was missing Deebo Samuel and all five starting offensive linemen. Lance was under immediate and constant pressure — he got sacked five times and had to scramble twice, and not because he held the ball a long time. He still threw two excellent deep passes that hit his receivers in the hands but were either dropped or broken up. All in all, this was the worst practice I’ve seen from Lance, but it’s the kind of practice Jimmy Garoppolo would have every other day if he were on the field, so it’s nothing to be concerned about at this time.”

Trey Lance on being named San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback: Been preparing since the day I got drafted

“After taking all of the reps with the starting offense in the offseason program, Lance arrived at this camp knowing that the job was his and that every practice is an opportunity to prepare to lead a team that has Super Bowl aspirations.”

Thompson: How Kyle Shanahan set up Trey Lance for success through the drama (paywall)

“As Shanahan said, Lance could tell simply by how his coach was talking to him. There was no room for any other consideration. That’s a full offseason and now training camp of his coach treating him like the man. That’s the foundation that will come to matter as they go through the inevitable growing pains.

What will be absolutely helpful for Lance is to adopt his coach’s ability to block out the noise. There will be plenty of it. That’s just what we do.

“I mean, my No. 1 thing I did in life growing up was listen to sports talk,” Shanahan said. “That’s all I did when I got in the car. And I wanted to fight everyone who talked bad about my dad. But now you get a job to do and you ignore that stuff. You know what’s real. You don’t know that when you’re not in it. … I don’t think a lot did go on this offseason, totally. We’ve been waiting for it to get to a point where something can go on, but in the meantime, people just, they have to do their jobs and stuff. But my job’s not to listen to it.”

49ers training camp, Day 2: Charvarius Ward, DBs duke it out with Trey Lance (paywall)

“If one requires a simple adjudication of the session, this was an undoubtedly entertaining 90 minutes of action during which the 49ers’ secondary finished with the upper hand. Its four front-liners — Ward, fellow safety Talanoa Hufanga and cornerbacks Charvarius Ward and Emmanuel Moseley — all hounded the back end and registered at least one pass breakup each. The second- and third-team units logged three interceptions, two versus Purdy and one against Sudfeld, running the afternoon’s tally to four picks.”

49ers’ Emmanuel Moseley working with Charvarius Ward to become a better press corner

“If you guys watch film, great press corner,” Moseley continued. “So that’s one thing that I’m working on, and I just feel like I can continue to get better. So he’s just been teaching me that, teaching me to be patient at the line.”

49ers Training Camp Day 2 Breakdown: Defense

“The defensive line looked as good as advertised on Thursday, as they dominated the offensive line throughout scrimmages, with defensive ends Nick Bosa and Drake Jackson standing out.”

49ers Training Camp Day 2 Breakdown: Offense

“Today was a much different gameplan for the 49ers’ offense as the quarterbacks tested the defense much more, with a mixture of short/intermediate passes and deep passes... While the initial numbers may tell that Lance was inaccurate, the young quarterback had three incompletions on well-placed balls, however; the defensive backs on the plays were able to force incompletions.”

49ers QB Trey Lance ready to lead his team in first full year as the starter

“Mentally’s the biggest thing. I’m ... light-years ahead of where I was last year,” Lance said told the NFL Network’s Kurt Warner on Inside Training Camp Live. “Last year ... I knew what was going on, but this year I can actually pay attention a lot more to defense, pay attention to fronts, defensive structures and all that. I’m learning a whole lot, and I’m able to kind of know what’s going on.”

Louis Riddick says Trey Lance is his ‘long shot’ pick for NFL MVP

“When we get to year 2023, you will see all the things that I personally fell in love with about this young man in terms of his football character, his football intellect, the degree to which he was a leader at North Dakota State, the degree to which he threw the football beautifully up there at North Dakota State, I think we will all see this is why Kyle [Shanahan] wanted this guy,” Riddick said. “This is whey he believed he could take this football team to a whole new level and ultimately, as much as I love Jimmy G, he will be a distant, distant memory. San Francisco will be hoisting Super Bowl trophies again.

Howe: Deebo Samuel’s extension spotlight grows after DK Metcalf’s deal (paywall)

“We’re working,” Lynch told The Athletic after practice. “We have really good communication with his agents. It’s nice that a lot of receivers have (signed) already because the market kind of sets itself. Deebo is an extremely talented football player who is multi-dimensional, so how do you find that right sweet spot for him? That’s what we’re working through, but we’re encouraged. I’m not going to tell you or tell anyone that things are imminent because we’re not there yet, but I do believe we’re making really good progress. Hopefully, in the near future, we’ve got some great news.”