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Panthers trade a 5th-round pick for Baker Mayfield

What’s this mean for Jimmy G?

NFL: OCT 07 Browns at 49ers Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

To give you an idea about Baker Mayfield’s trade value, he was sent to Carolina for a conditional fifth-round pick in 2024, and his salary will be split between the Browns. They will pay $10.5 million, while Mayfield agreed to a $3.5 million pay cut for his 2022 salary.

The addition of Mayfield for Carolina closes what might be the final landing spot for Jimmy Garoppolo. But, unfortunately, San Francisco would have to end up paying Garoppolo’s salary, more than likely, to move him. So, they’d lose money by trading him, which is why it feels like Jimmy’s release is inevitable.

There’s a chance the Browns could be interested in Garoppolo’s services if Deshaun Watson is suspended for the 2022 season. But if you’re Cleveland, why not call the 49ers’ bluff, knowing they hold zero leverage? The counterargument would be that you ensure you get your guy.

There hasn’t been any new news about whether Garoppolo has begun throwing yet. That was supposed to happen in July, where Jimmy proves to other teams he’s healthy. Then, the supposed suitors would access whether Garoppolo is a starter. The longer we wait, the more unlikely it feels like the 49ers will receive any compensation for Jimmy.

We’ll see if there are any other unknown suitors that come out of the woodworks. I’m skeptical, but you never know in a league desperate for quarterbacks. There’s a chance teams view him as a backup, so there’s that. Also, don’t rule out Garoppolo throwing privately for teams.