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Golden Nuggets: Trent Williams should be rated 100 in Madden

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, July 8th, 2022

49ers’ Williams has great reaction to joining Madden NFL’s 99 Club

“Longtime NFL running back Adrian Peterson, who played with Williams in college at Oklahoma and in the pros in Washington, shared a video on Wednesday of the lineman being surprised with the honor. The nine-time Pro Bowler was all smiles as he opened a gift box from EA Sports that appeared to contain a trophy and necklace.”

Matt Maiocco breaks down likelihood of Jimmy Garoppolo being traded to Cleveland Browns

“With the Cleveland Browns, that is a good roster. That is a very good roster that is set up to win right now,” Maiocco said. “And who would you rather have: Jacoby Brissett as your starting quarterback or Jimmy Garoppolo? I guess we could debate that, but I would go with Jimmy Garoppolo and now it’s a matter of just kind of seeing how the pieces fit and how the sides can come together and work something out.”

Killion: Of Jimmy Garoppolo’s 3 logical destinations, a 49ers return suddenly looks plausible (paywall)

“Watson’s disciplinary hearing ended last week, but no decision has been rendered by the former U.S. district judge presiding over the process. Most expect a ruling to come down before camp opens, and the widespread belief is that Watson could be suspended for as long as a full season. That would leave the Browns — a team in win-now mode — without many options at quarterback. If they don’t think Jacoby Brissett is the player to lead them to wins, they may be willing to make a deal for Garoppolo.”

Colin Cowherd and Mike Silver Say the 49ers are Worried About Trey Lance

“You and I may have the same source, we may not, but I’ve said when I saw Trey Lance play, aesthetically, it’s ugly. It’s not Philip-Rivers ugly, but it’s not a pretty delivery. It’s really rough. Secondly, what you’re saying is what I’m hearing — they’re rebuilding his delivery, and he gets arm fatigue. It’s not an easy throw. He needs days off. And they’re worried about his accuracy. You and I are hearing the same things.”

Cowherd on why the 49ers shouldn’t hold onto Jimmy Garoppolo

“I think Jimmy G is one of those guys, where his mere presence, you can’t own a locker room if Jimmy G is in it in the cubical next to you. He’s too popular. He’s too well-liked. Some guys are too talented to be a backup ... Jimmy G, if he’s in the room, half the locker room’s going to like him even if he doesn’t start. He’s just the ultimate good dude.”

Jerry Rice on 49ers’ Lance-Garoppolo situation: ‘Let them compete’

“Let them compete,” Rice continued. “Bill Walsh always opened the door for competition. Let them compete and the best guy should be the starter.”

Jerry Rice: Ran routes for Lance, ‘sky is the limit’ for Niners’ QB

“Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice, who ran routes for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance, says the ‘sky is the limit’ for the young quarterback.”