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Golden Nuggets: Trey glances off adversity

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

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Hutchinson: 49ers Practice Report: After ‘rough’ day, Lance responds to Shanahan’s challenge

“That ability to half sprint down the line of scrimmage and buy time towards the sideline continues to show up. He had a couple impressive throws in the pocket, under pressure, too.

Perhaps the most impressive display of his time-buying ability was when he rolled out right, saw Ty Davis-Price in an unusable spot, directed him elsewhere, stepped up and away from an oncoming defender, then hit a wide open Brandon Aiyuk after the coverage had broken down.”

Kawakami: How the 49ers’ offense got its first big win of camp and why it needed this (paywall)

“It was just one practice. But it was important because it showed that Lance could snap back from his bad performance in Sunday’s session right after Shanahan said he wanted to see how Lance handled it. And it was important because the 49ers’ offense needs to believe it can outflank and outthink good defenses.”

George Kittle, Nick Bosa break down how Trey Lance will elevate the 49ers offense

“There’s just a lot of things we can do with it. He’s also got a cannon. He can throw deep balls. And honestly, like I said, he’s just gotten better, progressively. And we have what? Twenty days of camp left where we’ve got a couple of preseason games, and we have a nice 16-day block right there after the third preseason game where we can really refine some stuff and see what we want to do with our offense, and I’m really looking forward to that.”

Barrows: 49ers’ Trey Lance bounces back with his best practice of the summer (paywall)

“Lance had more time to throw than usual and was more decisive than he’d been recently. The result: a 14-of-19 performance in team situations with no interceptions. One of his more impressive passes came during a move-the-ball period when he rolled out of the pocket to his right, looked like he might take off with his feet, then instead directed traffic and eventually connected with his favorite target, Brandon Aiyuk, for 20 yards.”

Cohn: The Good and Not So Good from Day 11 of Training Camp: Trey Lance Has his Best Day Yet

“On the long touchdown, Lance kept gaining speed like a boulder rolling downhill — no one could catch him. He’s faster than he showed last year during the regular season. Today, he had scrambles that went for 8 yards, 9 yards and 10 yards, and he also had quarterback-designed runs that went for negative 2 yards, 5 yards and 65 yards. He’s an extremely dangerous runner, and he’s an underrated passer, too. His best throw of the day came on 3rd and 22, when he stepped up in the pocket, scrambled to his right, stopped and calmly fired across the middle to Brandon Aiyuk for 25 yards. That’s the kind of play Jimmy Garoppolo never would even attempt. Kyle Shanahan probably would call a screen pass for Garoppolo on 3rd and 22, but not for Lance. Shanahan trusts him to make a play. Lance’s worst throw was on 4th and goal from the 1. Shanahan called Sprint Right Option, and Jauan Jennings was open running to the pylon, but Lance threw the ball slightly behind him and Samuel Womack broke it up. Had Lance thrown it slightly ahead of Jennings, it probably would have been a touchdown catch. So he wasn’t perfect, but he had the best practice a 49ers quarterback has had in years.”

Trent Williams: Trey Lance gives 49ers two offenses merged into one

“I think Trey is much further along as a pocket quarterback. As a runner, he doesn’t have the track speed RG had, but he has the size, so we can send him up the middle on power, QB power, or like we’ve seen in Green Bay, the QB sweep. We never did that with Robert. We can do that with Trey. It’s just a different skill set with running the ball that, as far as a quarterback, I think he gives us an ability to do more because he’s a willing pocket passer... It gives you the RG3-style offense and the Jimmy Garoppolo-style offense merged in one.”

How San Francisco 49ers’ Fred Warner elevated Brandon Aiyuk’s game by ‘annoying’ him

“This year, Lance and Aiyuk lived together and shaped their workout schedule to mimic training camp with sessions in three-day blocks around a day off. They emphasized something different each day, be it quick passes, play-action or deep balls. When the workouts were through, the pair would retire to the house, sit around the fire pit and spend time getting to know each other.

They even had lunch with Shanahan and general manager John Lynch, both of whom have offseason homes near San Diego, one day. When Aiyuk and Lance departed to do a hill run, Lynch joined them before they headed to the beach.”

What advice Bryant Young gave 49ers’ Kinlaw ahead of key season

“I just told him, ‘It’s a great opportunity for you,’” Young said. “‘Don’t put more pressure on yourself than you need to. Just go and do what you know you can do. Be confident. Trust your teammates, be motivated by your teammates to play at your best.’

Kyle Shanahan plans to play Trey Lance in two 49ers preseason games, ‘real pleased’ with QB

“That’s why I don’t want them to play much in that game,” Shanahan explained. “Hopefully a little in one, a little in three, and then we’ll have 17 days to get ready for Week 1. ... In my mind, right now, I’d like Trey to get in, in games one and three.”

Maiocco on Garoppolo destination: ‘Let’s start monitoring the Rams situation’

“And so if you’re the Rams at this point and your option behind Matthew Stafford is John Wolford, like who would you rather have? John Wolford or Jimmy Garoppolo, somebody who would step in and know that system immediately. So, there’s a lot going on right now and I guess there’s a few reasons why the 49ers would want to hold onto Garoppolo.”

How 49ers’ Trey Lance reminds Ray-Ray McCloud of Josh Allen

“Every day, [Lance is] getting better, learning how to be a leader,” McCloud said. “Not even learning; he has it already. It’s a natural thing with him. Actually, I came in with Josh Allen and the Bills, and he gives me that same type of energy, that ‘I’m ready to take the next step’ energy.”

Kyle Shanahan: 49ers were ‘locked in’ on Trey Lance and Mac Jones leading to 2021 draft

“Mac,” the 49ers coach responded. “Yeah, Mac Jones and Trey. Those were the two guys that we were locked in on from the beginning, and if we never moved up to [No. 3], we would have never had the chance to learn more about Trey. That was the hardest thing. You’ve got to be so sneaky and stuff when you’re back there because you don’t want people hopping in front of you, and I had a very strong feeling people were going to hop in front of us.

Why Trey Lance’s bad camp is first step on 49ers’ path to Super Bowl victory (paywall)

“In the San Francisco 49ers’ training-camp practice Sunday, head coach Kyle Shanahan had Trey Lance throw a bunch of wild passes — including an interception and a should-have-been pick that was dropped — in order to fool opposing coaches and lower everyone’s expectations. No sense putting enemy coaches on red alert, right? Give Lance a chance to sneak up on the league in his first season as the designated starter.”