Hello. My name's SNS, and I sometimes Rec my own comments.

It's time to come clean. This is a transformational moment for me, but it needs to be done.

Yes... I sometimes Rec my own comments. I first learned the practice from BigMar, whom I often saw post a comment and it immediately had a Rec. I knew there was no way anybody actually liked the comment; let alone saw it so quickly as to express that like as to give it a Rec. (Kudos to me for using a semi-colon there).

But over time, I saw the wisdom in his actions. I think I can speak for all of us when I say when the new commenting system rolled out... we all chuckled a bit that we could now Rec our own comments.

I know I did. But then I'd see some incredibly witty comments of mine sitting at only 4 Recs... and the temptation was incredible. I could turn it... "gold." I avoided said temptation for quite a while, but eventually... since you bastards constantly left me sitting at only 4 Recs... I took matters into my own hands.

Yes... For many of my comments that hit 5 Recs, I was the 5th.

*Phew* Hot damn I feel better now getting that off my chest!

There are times now when I make a particularly witty comment (imo) where I just go ahead and give it the first Rec... kind of to get the ball rolling, so to speak, ya know?

Before y'all get bent out of shape... I keep the self-Rec'ng in moderation (unlike beer. haha)... but just thought I should come clean. And it feels good to do so.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to Rec this FanPost. I'm *that* shameless.

So anyways... this upcoming season should be fantastic if we have even a modicum of health, and I can hardly wait!

(Death to gophers!!!!!!!!)

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