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Golden Nuggets: Officially one month away from Week 1

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, August 11th, 2022

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Hutchinson: 49ers Practice Report: Trey Sermon stands out in lead opportunity

“It wasn’t necessarily a bad day for Lance, just not a wholly impressive one. Like he did on Tuesday, he ran plenty, looking comfortable when he’d find glimpses of daylight.”

Kyle Shanahan says Charvarius Ward has muscle strain, 49ers sign veteran corner

“[Ward] had a little setback here with a muscle strain, so he’ll be out here for the next probably two weeks or so,” Shanahan said. “But he’s gotten enough baseline in to where his camp has been perfect. At least now I know he’s not going to get a serious injury here in the next two weeks, and he’ll be ready to go here Week 1.”

Branch: Did the 49ers hit it big on small-school lineman Spencer Burford? (paywall)

“Burford didn’t regularly face NFL prospects while playing in Conference USA, but he made a believer of Ahmad based on his one-on-one matchups with Western Kentucky’s DeAngelo Malone and UAB’s Alex Wright last season. Burford, who played his last two seasons at left tackle, fared well against both edge rushers who were third-round draft picks.”

Cohn; The Good and Not So Good from Day 12 of Training Camp: The Trey Lance Rollercoaster Continues

“A few days ago, Lance was in this situation and he tried to check down to the running back but got picked off. This time, Lance threw the ball over the defender’s head and hit his hot route for an easy gain of 20. Clearly Lance is a smart quarterback who learns from his mistakes. He’s also innaccurate at times and tends to miss at least one open running back in the flat per day — today he airmailed Sermon once. That’s why the 49ers will call lots of runs for Lance this season. Today, they called four quarterback runs for him. He also scrambled a couple times. Don’t be surprised when Kyle Shanahan calls runs on 3rd down to set up 4th and short. He did it today.”

Lombardi: 49ers practice report: Ty Davis-Price, Trey Sermon pop pads in grueling session (paywall)

“He narrowly overshot receiver Deebo Samuel on a deep pass to begin practice and worked through what looked to be a pair of miscommunications with receivers during the session. But Lance rediscovered an effective passing flow later on, and that again seemed to pair with the use of his legs on some designed quarterback runs.”

TJ Houshmandzadeh on Trey Lance’s offseason work with Brandon Aiyuk

“He don’t have to say nothing about Trey Lance, Trey Lance was out here training too,” Houshmandzadeh said. “So as much as BA was out here working, I saw Trey Lance out here putting in a ton of work. And that’s why I’ve gone on record that I believe Trey Lance is gonna have a good year. Trey Lance worked his (butt) off, guys. He was out here grinding, and I saw that. So I believe he’s gonna have a good year, and if he doesn’t, it won’t be for a lack of preparation and him not putting the work in. He got out here to Southern California and he worked his tail off, so I expect to see results.”

Drake Jackson’s usage might vary week to week; Young 49ers CBs have an opportunity vs. Packers

“So these guys will get to showcase that. And the depth there at the corner position, a lot of guys competing, a lot of guys battling for spots on our team, so what an opportunity for guys to step up and own it and take it.”

Kyle Shanahan on KNBR: 49ers coach talks Trey Lance, Brandon Aiyuk, beef with NFL about hats

“Our relationship is great,” Shanahan said. “It’s always been good, so nothing really changes in this role. I got to spend a lot of time with him last year. It’s been fun giving him a lot more reps, putting him through a lot more stuff, and he’s a fun guy to coach. He takes his challenges each day. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, he’s always coming in just wanting to know what to improve. That’s all you can ask for in a player, and just hope to keep giving those opportunities.”