I Sit Down When I Pee Indoors

No, seriously! I really do.

Being a modern 21st century kinda guy, I regularly help out the GF with cleaning the house... doing the laundry and dishes... scrubbing the toilets and countertops etc...

Given that fact, I have discovered that it is by far in my best interest to sit down when peeing. This avoids all that splashing that will only result in my having to clean it up at some later point.

Now... for the most part, I enjoy going outside to pee as often as possible since we kind of live out in the boonies... but sometimes while I'm busy making hilarious comments on FB posts and NN comments... it's just not all that convenient to go outside.

Time is of the essence sometimes!!!

I've seen lots of jokes that guys that sit down to pee are somehow less masculine, or worse... a Seahawks fan... but I honestly don't get that.

Yeah, I could stand up and pee in the toilet and just splash all over the place... but why? Even if I wasn't helping out the old battle axe GF with cleaning the house, why would I make it worse for her just to prove I could? I'd rather go outside and stand up and pee and try to douse insects or write out SNS in the dirt. So yeah....

No, really! Try it! My initials are pretty fun to urinate in the great outdoors!

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