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Golden Nuggets: Who will make the biggest leap during joint practices?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, August 15th, 2022

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Branch: From Home Depot to a home with 49ers? Ebullient McCrary-Ball making a push (paywall)

“McCrary-Ball, who has a 3-year-old daughter, has a unique backstory. He was a redshirt who spent six seasons at Indiana because he was granted an extra year of eligibility after tearing his ACL before the 2020 season. And before he fielded a call from general manager John Lynch to join the 49ers as an undrafted free agent in May, he was working at Home Depot.”

Deebo Samuel reprises ‘wide back’ role in 49ers practice

“With no fans in attendance, head coach Kyle Shanahan dug into his bag during the team period and started utilizing wide receiver Deebo Samuel more in the running back role he took on late last season.”

49ers rookie DE Drake Jackson practices after shoulder injury

“The ailment didn’t hinder Jackson in the team’s Sunday session, which is good news and the club managed escape their first preseason contest without any major injuries.”

The Good and Not So Good from Day 13 of Training Camp: Wide Back Deebo Samuel is Back

“Overall, Lance played well in the red zone. His biggest issue right now is throwing the deep out. He attempted one today and it sailed way over Aiyuk’s head and landed out of bounds. Lance seems to drop his elbow and throw this pass with a low three-quarters release, which causes the ball to sail. I doubt the 49ers coach him to throw this pass with such a low arm slot. He needs to fix this.”

Trey Lance off target in light 49ers practice; Charlie Woerner activated from PUP (paywall)

“Speaking of cornerbacks, one particularly interesting play call from Friday’s preseason opener was their usage of Thomas on a blitz from his outside cornerback position. The 49ers have only rarely run outside cornerback blitzes in recent years under both of their two most recent defensive coordinators, Ryans and Robert Saleh.”

10 49ers out of practice following preseason opener

“Shanahan on Saturday indicated he could conceivably come back right away, but the team isn’t in a rush to get such an important player back for the preseason. If he practices again it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the team wait until after their joint practices with the Vikings.”

Branch: 49ers’ game review: Drake Jackson’s loose ankles and Trey Lance’s new move (paywall)

“Jackson erased his mistake by immediately braking and fluidly cutting back left, his upper body semi-horizontal to the ground. Love responded by stopping his rollout and planting to throw. Jackson’s answer: He braked again and straightened up, mirroring Love’s move, and he leaped, with both arms fully outstretched, and batted away Love’s pass.

That three-second sequence was easy to miss. But it captured the qualities that prompted the 49ers to make Jackson the No. 61 pick.”