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Golden Nuggets: Joint practices should be interesting

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Kawakami: Inside the Kyle Shanahan-Steve Kerr summer confab — the stories they told, the bond they forged (paywall)

“It was cool watching how relaxed they were in such intense moments,” Shanahan said. “There’s a very fine line with that. We deal with that stuff, too. You’ve got to be so locked in because you can’t hesitate in anything you do. You can’t get distracted. Your mind can’t wander off because you miss something like that, ’cause it’s so intense and every single second matters, whether it’s one play or one possession in basketball. So to watch everyone, to watch their bench, to watch how locked in … I didn’t know they had 15 coaches or whatever it is, to watch all those guys with iPads, how they communicate to Kerr, how the players who are so experienced with all the games they play and it’s constantly moving

49ers release DL Robert Nkemdiche at cut deadline

“Nkemdiche, a former 1st-round pick of the Cardinals, joined the 49ers during training camp after injuries knocked out DL Arik Armstead, Hassan Ridgeway and Maurice Hurst. Hurst is out for the year, but Armstead and Ridgeway appear to be on track to return soon which eliminated the club’s need for an additional defensive lineman.”

Lombardi: Kyle Juszczyk, flexing longevity with the 49ers offense, enters his 10th season (paywall)

“I changed my style of play five years ago, after my first year here,” Juszczyk said Monday. “I feel like I play the position differently than most guys in the league. I don’t rest my hat on just being a sledgehammer and just move people with brute force. I really do try to use angles, leverage, my mind, my eyes to my advantage. I think that’s helped take a lot of wear and tear off my body.”

Available safeties 49ers could sign after Jimmie Ward injury

“Here are a handful of free agent options that stick out that the 49ers could add to help them get through the preseason and potentially into the regular season...”

Branch: Not for long? 49ers offensive lineman Colton McKivitz gets it now (paywall)

“We had been with (McKivitz) for a couple of years and then we cut him, and I really feel like it woke him up,” Shanahan said. “Not that he was negative before. I mean, the guy always works hard. But sometimes when guys get cut, they realize how this isn’t forever and how every single second counts. And I think, just talking to him, that’s what he’s articulated and that’s what we’ve seen on film.

Kyle Shanahan explains why he liked Trey Lance over Mac Jones

“I always compare it to how I buy houses. When my wife would bring me to a house she loves, I go through the house and I point out everything that’s wrong with it and usually by the end of it she’s in tears and apologizing to the realtor for how offensive I’ve been. Then I come out and they’re out there like ‘What do you think?’ And I’m like ‘I like this one. Let’s get this.’ And they’re like ‘What are you talking about?’”

Mary Kay Cabot explains how long Watson’s suspension would need to be for Browns-Garoppolo trade

“I would say they would at least have to consider it for double digits. Twelve games, 14 games or something like that, they would have to give it some thought. I don’t think it’s front burner, but I think it’s a conversation that they would at least have to have.”

ESPN analyst confident Lance makes 49ers Super Bowl contenders

“My bold prediction for this season is that the 49ers represent the NFC and the Super Bowl,” Canty said on Tuesday’s edition of “Get Up.” “That’s how confident I am in this 49ers team and the development of Trey Lance because of who’s doing it.