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49ers in Five: Nick Bosa likes what he sees from Javon Kinlaw

“He’s got everything you could possibly need to be super dominant in this league”

NFL: San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

More than almost any other time of year, the preseason is a time of hope for NFL franchises. Hope that a top draft pick hits their potential and hope that injured players come back stronger than ever. Nowhere was that hope more evident yesterday than in Nick Bosa’s post-practice comments about Javon Kinlaw.

“I think he brings an intimidation factor, for sure,” Bosa said, “I actually saw a really good rep from him today that I was happy to see. He’s got everything you could possibly need to be super dominant in this league. He just needs some reps to get used to it. He’s really important to our defensive line, and having him healthy is important. He’s gonna be a really important piece since we lost DJ [Jones].”

For reference, here’s the really good rep Bosa mentioned:

If there’s one player on defense for the 49ers that would know what it takes to be “super dominant,” it’s Nick Bosa.

I do agree that the floor of a good season for Kinlaw this year has to be what Jones provided to the team last year (73.2 grade from PFF). There’s no reason to think that’s unreasonable. Javon Kinlaw was the 14th overall pick in the draft, so we know he has physical talent.

If Kinlaw is as healthy as he appears to be right now, just think about what that would do to the already formidable 49ers defensive front. Bosa would be terrorizing defenses from either edge, Arik Armstead would be back on the inside playing at a near-all pro level, and Kinlaw would be right alongside him, flattening any and everything going up the middle. Good luck finding any room to operate if all three guys click. Not to mention Samson Ebukam and/or Drake Jackson with one man to beat off the edge opposite Bosa.

A healthy Javon Kinlaw elevates an already stacked 49ers defensive line to other-worldly levels. So far from what we’ve seen in camp, we’re a lot closer to that than we are to the bust status that some have already bestowed upon him.

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