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49ers in Five: Trent Williams says Aaron Banks is “noticeably different” this year

“You look at his body composition, you can tell that he worked.”

Everything you need to know about the team in about five minutes

Trent Williams is arguably the best player in the NFL. When he speaks, people listen, and well, they should. During his media session yesterday, Williams praised two players from the 2021 draft class: Aaron Banks and Trey Lance.

Let’s start with Banks since he could be playing directly next to Williams on the offensive line this season.

“I think Aaron Banks is really showing out this camp. I really think he’s one of the better linemen right now. When you look at the group of who is really bringing it this camp. I think he started at OTAs by showing up and being noticeably different. Then he followed it up with another good four weeks after OTAs. Now he’s in camp and he’s noticeably different. He’s still a young player, mistakes still are going to happen but his jump from year one to year two gives everybody a lot of confidence in him.

You look at his body composition, you can tell that he worked. It’s one thing to lose weight, it’s one thing to lose weight and add muscle. You can tell that’s what he did and I think that’s what’s allowing him to take advantage of all the talent that he has in that body. He’s gonna ultimately reach his ceiling which I think can be really good.”

If anyone on the 49ers knows good offensive line play, it’s Trent Williams. That kind of scouting report is obviously very encouraging. Kyle Shanahan claimed that Banks was ready to start last season, but Williams believes he’s more prepared for that role in year two.

When it comes to Trey Lance, Williams was equally positive, noting that Trey has his work cut out for him going against this defense.

“That’s what really gives me the most confidence in watching him versus a very fast, very intense, very smart, knowledgeable defense. It’s a tough outing for a quarterback. If you look and you go pause a lot of those plays when he gets to the top of his drop, Fred [Warner] is taking all the underneath things away, the corners are on the receivers like white on rice, the safeties are flying around cutting posts, staying on top - they’re doing it all. They disguise looks. They don’t give him anything easy, so anything you see, he’s worked for. He made some adjustments and he got himself in the right position. I think going against a defense like that is the greatest tool we can use.”

Trent was calling Lance a “generational talent” a year ago at this time, but it’s also reassuring to see nothing has changed now that Trey is in the driver’s seat.

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