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Golden Nuggets: Welcome back, E-Man and Arik

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022

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Hutchinson: 49ers Notebook: Trio of INTs from Lance, multiple returns to practice and injury updates

“Lance was poor, but it was a pretty halfhearted effort all around, with no pads and everyone looking like they were going through the motions, trying to preserve themselves for the next day....What was substantial, though, was the fact that Jason Poe got some first-team reps. There’s no injury status for Aaron Banks, so it appeared intentional on the team’s part. Poe’s gone from third string to fringe first string since camp began and clearly has a chance to make the team.”

Trey Lance Explains How a Hidden Injury Derailed His Rookie Year

“I have opinions on whether guys have good or bad days, and then I have to go to a press conference and I get asked on things and sometimes it’s the exact opposite of what I feel,” he said. “And you’re like, Man, why do they think that? … Oh, there were three picks out there today. They wrote that down. Well, those three picks can be anybody’s fault, and sometimes those three picks I was pumped about, because he finally let it rip and he saw it right. And what happened? There was a tip or something, but it’s a good learning experience.

“I mean, today I went in there to the press conference and they asked me how pumped I was about the offense from yesterday. I had no idea what they were talking about. I was frustrated [with the offense]. So I feel for players, because they read that stuff or their wives call them or their friends. They’re like, Man, I hear you sucked today. And they start to believe it, and then I gotta go tell them, Dude, you don’t suck. You actually had a good day.”

49ers’ Emmanuel Moseley generates 2 takeaways in first practice back from injury (paywall)

“Sorry for cussing at y’all,” Moseley said, smiling a bit sheepishly as he walked away from the lectern...Competitive adrenaline had cooled by that point. Moseley had reassumed his typically quiet demeanor following an afternoon that’d seen his play do a lot of talking.”

Branch: Emmanuel Moseley makes splash in return to 49ers’ practice; Arik Armstead also back on field (paywall)

“The return of Moseley and defensive tackle Arik Armstead — out since July 27, when he sprained his knee in the first practice of training camp — pumped life into a lighter-than-usual session.”

The Good and Not So Good from Day 17 of 49ers Training Camp: Trey Lance Throws Three Interceptions

“Lance finished the practice with 9 completions on 16 pass attempts, and all but one of his incomplete passes missed high. Perhaps he had arm fatigue, although this was his first day throwing since Thursday. Maybe he was just rusty. His mechanics definitely were an issue. When a quarterback misses high, he usually drops his elbow and over-strides, and Lance did both of these things today.”

Report: 49ers rookies Gray, Burford drawing rave reviews

“It’s like he’s already a five-year pro,” a 49ers source told Schultz. “He’s very sound, very smart, and very long. He ran outside-zone in college. … Plug-and-play guy.”

DeMeco Ryans provides updates ahead of 49ers-Texans

“San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans spoke with reporters after Monday’s practice, as the team prepares for its preseason finale against the Houston Texans. Here is everything he had to say.”

49ers roster moves: WR waived to clear room for S Tashaun Gipson

“Mack hurt his hamstring in the 49ers’ preseason win over the Vikings. Head coach Kyle Shanahan indicated the injury would sideline Mack for a few weeks, which effectively ended his preseason. If he clears waivers he’d revert to injured reserve with the 49ers.”

Nate Sudfeld and Brock Purdy are both impressing the 49ers, so who’ll be QB2? (paywall)

“Shanahan said he has appreciated the steadiness that both quarterbacks have carried from the practice field to game action. He lauded both for delivering the ball on time in Saturday’s win, and he praised Purdy specifically for his consistency over the past month.”

Nick Wagoner projects odd-man-out in 49ers’ RB room

“This year, to me, it feels a little bit like they’ve almost been showcasing Sermon a little bit in these preseason games,” Wagoner continued. “Getting him out there first and maybe there’s a team that liked him coming out of the draft that thinks they can still get something out of them. He hasn’t had much success, and to be fair he’s a little banged up right now, but before that he had struggled.”

Branch: 49ers’ game review: One play captured QB Brock Purdy’s surprising summer (paywall)

“The snap neatly captured Purdy’s preseason. Yes, the draft’s last pick has some limitations (6-foot-1, 212 pounds) that were obvious when he was selected (and when he smacked into Surratt). However, there’s also been plenty surprising about Mr. Irrelevant.”