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The Shanaplan: Could the 49ers restructure Kittle’s contract to extend Bosa next offseason?

Kittle doesn’t seem too concerned

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

We're a week away from the 49ers cutting their roster down to 53. We also have the final preseason game Thursday. Outside of that, it should be relatively quiet until Week 1, barring a Jimmy Garoppolo move.

Mike Silver, who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle now, spoke to 49ers tight end George Kittle about a potential contract restructure after the season. Kittle answered as you'd expect:

“I’m not really concerned with it at all. I could give two shits, honestly. If there comes a day when they feel like that, it is what it is, and it’s a business. I know there’s a right way and a wrong way to play football, and I’m gonna play it the way that I think is right. You’re never gonna be able to question my intent nor my effort on the tape.

Here’s more from Kittle: Whoever it is that wants to do that and give me money, I think somebody will want to do that. Hopefully, it’s the 49ers, because I love being here and I love everything about this organization.”

During today's episode, Akash and I discussed why the 49ers would approach Kittle for a restructure. It sounds almost as if Kittle is getting out in front of the news and a contract dispute.

If anything, restructuring would lengthen Kittle's stay as a Niner. That's what happened with Dee Ford and Arik Armstead. Plus, Kittle wouldn't lose any money. San Francisco would use the money Kittle's owed down the road.

Per Over the Cap, the Niners would save over $8 million in the next two seasons and $6.6 million in 2025 if they ask Kittle to restructure. It would make sense for the 49ers for a blockbuster Nick Bosa extension or a high-priced free agent you bring in while you take advantage of your quarterback on a rookie contract.

Kittle believes the team has done a great job of bringing in high-character guys while getting rid of...a different type of player:

“I think they’ve built a fantastic team with high-character guys. One thing I’ve learned is you don’t really want dickheads on your team, and we have not had a lot of dickheads, or they’ve gotten rid of dickheads pretty quickly, and I’ve really appreciated that.”

Getting players to buy into your message is a lot easier when everyone is on the same page and has each other's back. I'd love to know who Kittle was talking about. Any guesses? Akash and I threw out some names. You'll have to listen below:

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