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49ers in Five: George Kittle isn’t worried about the offense

“It will look a lot different when we actually spend time in the room game planning.”

Everything going on with the team in about five minutes

While many of us were hoping to see some fireworks from Trey Lance and the offense on Thursday night, that side of the ball barely provided more than a fizzle. With multiple interceptions and zero points scored, there wasn’t much to cheer about. Despite those struggles, however, George Kittle isn’t freaking out.

“I’m not worried about Trey [Lance] by any means,” Kittle said yesterday, “He had good plays, he had bad plays. It is what it is. We had a lot of rust, and it was a very vanilla game plan. We weren’t in a room studying our game plan, you know? We were still in camp practices, so it will look a lot different when we actually spend time in the room game planning.”

We should all be so lucky to find someone that hypes us up as much as George Kittle hypes up his quarterbacks. Whether it’s CJ Beathard, Jimmy Garoppolo, or Trey Lance, no one gives love to his QB like number 85.

As George laid out, a lackluster preseason game is no reason to panic just yet. As far as what the offense might look like when they do “spend time in the room game planning,” Kittle didn’t exactly let the cat out of the bag.

“I think there’s gonna be a lot of similarities, but obviously, Trey runs the ball. He can do a lot of zone-read stuff, so we’re obviously going to have different stuff in there, but I think the run game is going to look pretty similar. Pass game, we’re going to have similar concepts, but it’s just a different guy throwing the ball.”

We’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer before we get to see exactly how things will be different offensively this season. 49ers fans have been waiting to unwrap that Christmas present since Trey Lance was drafted in 2021, and now we’re just about two weeks away.

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