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Golden Nuggets: This team might have some fight to them

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

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Aiyuk’s simple explanation for Warner scuffle at practice

“A little friendly training camp,” Aiyuk said. “It’s hot today, so you know, tempers flaring today. But it’s football. Football season’s here.”

49ers’ practice report: Rookie Spencer Burford surprises at right guard

“After six training-camp practices, Burford has taken every first-team snap at right guard and his performance Tuesday suggested he’s not ready to relinquish his grip... Burford’s four snaps included clear wins against stonewalled defensive linemen Kevin Givens, Charles Omenihu and Robert Nkemdiche.”

Hutchinson: 49ers Practice Report: Rookies stand out and tempers flare

“Aiyuk seems like he’s outstretched for just about every ball, and Lance seems to know just how wide of a catch radius he has at his disposal. Those two are in an outstanding rhythm.

The ball to Samuel might be considered slightly behind him, but it had to be. It was a closing window that Lance fired into over the middle and a throw in front of Samuel would have left in in harm’s way and put the ball in danger, too. Samuel, of course, caught the ball behind him, and did the same thing later in practice with Nate Sudfeld.”

Lombardi: 49ers camp report: Brandon Aiyuk and Fred Warner fight; Danny Gray impresses (paywall)

“Rookie receiver Danny Gray enjoyed an exceptional day. The speedster caught two deep passes from Sudfeld, including one against tight coverage from cornerback Ambry Thomas... For the first time since the opening practice of camp, the 49ers defense did not log an interception. Top cornerback Charvarius Ward, who had the day off, watched from the sideline. “

Cohn: The Good and Not So Good from Day 6 of 49ers Training Camp: Warner and Aiyuk Fight

“I owe Gray an apology. I completely wrote him off yesterday. I wrote that he couldn’t win short, medium or deep, and he did all three of those things today. He caught a whopping five passes during team drills — before today, he had caught just two passes total. And his final two catches of today were deep grabs up the sideline against second-year cornerback Ambry Thomas. Clearly, Gray benefitted from my criticism, so I take full credit for his tremendous turn around. That’s what quality control is for.”

Watch 49ers WR Malik Turner haul in incredible 1-handed catch

“That’s rookie cornerback Samuel Womack in coverage. The ball was really well-thrown by quarterback Trey Lance, and the expectation in one-on-ones is for the receiver to get the better of the DB. Especially when it’s a veteran receiver against a rookie corner....The catch is out of control though regardless of situation. To haul in a high-arcing deep ball like that with a defender grabbing at one arm is extremely impressive and will surely stick out to coaches.”

Tice: From Jimmy Garoppolo to Trey Lance: How 49ers’ offense will evolve with new QB (paywall)

“All Lance stats listed in this article should come with a disclaimer listed above them in red letters that reads “SMALL SAMPLE SIZE,” but between college, his rookie year and 2022 training camp practices, it’s clear throwing haymakers downfield is a main part of Lance’s repertoire. During his rookie season, 18.3 percent of Lance’s 71 throws traveled 20-plus air yards. If Lance qualified with enough attempts, that percentage would have ranked second in the NFL, behind only Russell Wilson.”

Deebo Samuel discusses contract extension, trade request in ‘most stressful’ week of his life

“There was one particular piece of advice that [Trent] Williams relayed to media on Monday which stuck out. He said he urged Samuel not to eschew the importance and nonpareil sincerity of his relationship with Kyle Shanahan.

“The one thing I told Deebo is that you got to continue to work on these relationships that’s in in the building, not really worry about what’s on the outside,” Williams said. “Not really worry about you know who in your corner saying this or that. Like, you and Kyle have a great relationship and I don’t think you should let that go. I think by you talking to him and y’all being the men that y’all are and the respect that y’all have with each other thing, I think everything will get worked out.”

49ers’ Kyle Shanahan explains how Trey Lance is different from other QBs he has coached

“That’s what I like with Trey because I’ve seen both [skill sets],” Shanahan continued. “I know he understands that he’s got to work at both, and that’s something him and I, and the rest of this team, will work through together.”

Trent Williams, Brandon Aiyuk expect 49ers to be better with Trey Lance at QB

“He goes through his reads,” Williams said. “You see him scramble out in practice because it’s rush four, drop seven, and those guys are amazing when it comes to playing that zone, passing things off, and kind of already knowing what’s coming. To me, his hesitancy to bring the ball down and run gives me a lot of confidence because I know that the looks he’s going to get in the game [are] going to be a lot cleaner. ... He sits in the pocket, and he wants to make the right read. That’s why I believe the franchise has handed it over to him.”

Deebo Samuel on 49ers QB Trey Lance: “He’s getting smarter by the day”

“He’s getting smarter by the day,” Samuel shared. “I don’t think he realized that we do have the best defense in the league, and it’s going to be hard to complete the ball. Nothing is going to be on time right now in practice because our D-line is amazing but we’re figuring out ways to figure it out.”