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Golden Nuggets: The 49ers trying to have their QB cake and eat it, too

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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Kawakami: What are the 49ers doing? Keeping Jimmy Garoppolo, hedging on Trey Lance and embracing QB chaos (paywall)

“At the end of all this, the 49ers and Garoppolo were faced with a situation where he was more valuable to them, even as a backup, even after they spent all that draft capital to replace him, than he was to any other team. If he was cut Tuesday, Garoppolo might’ve been looking at a minimum salary on a bad team; if the 49ers cut Garoppolo, any injury to or downturn by Lance would’ve meant having to ride with Sudfeld and/or Purdy.”

Lombardi: Jimmy Garoppolo’s return gives 49ers strength and options at quarterback (paywall)

“All this puts Garoppolo’s 2022 cap hit at an estimated $9 million. It leaves the 49ers with about $20 million of total cap space... suddenly, the team has enough money for in-season maneuverability — and it maintains the QB depth that it’s coveted. If trading Garoppolo was the 49ers’ initial goal, that’s certainly not a bad consolation prize.”

Maiocco: Jimmy G’s pay cut opens up more questions than answers

“Obviously, he believes he has a strong chance to regain his status as the team’s starter sooner than later to set himself up as an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season...Garoppolo weighed his options, and felt his best chance to get on the field and succeed was by remaining in the Bay Area.”

Silver: 49ers skip convention, embrace the drama by keeping Jimmy Garoppolo (paywall)

“This is a hedge, plain and simple. And the reason the 49ers are hedging is because they’re worried that Lance, for all his promise, won’t be good enough to get their built-to-win-now team to its only acceptable destination — Glendale, Ariz., next Feb. 12, with York hoisting the franchise’s sixth Lombardi Trophy.”

Fowler: 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo discussed waiving no-trade clause if opportunity presents itself

“ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that the 49ers and Garoppolo have discussed the possibility of waiving the no-trade clause should a competitive team lose a starting quarterback or another opportunity present itself. However, Fowler adds that waiving the clause was less of a focus than finding a way both sides could still benefit, with the trade market being non-existent.”

Jerry Rice: “It’s time to move on” from Jimmy Garoppolo, allow 49ers’ Trey Lance to become a “superstar”

“No, it wouldn’t be a bad thing,” Rice admitted. “But I think with Trey, it’s his time. He doesn’t want to be looking over his shoulder because this guy, he’s gonna have some adversity. There’s gonna be some ups and downs. And if you’ve got a quarterback as the backup like Jimmy G, maybe he feels like, well, there’s pressure there because Kyle Shanahan might decide to go back to Jimmy G.”

What Jimmy G’s contract details, no-trade clause mean for 49ers

“In short, the new contract effectively has given the team until October’s trade deadline to find a potential suitor.”

Eagles release Jaquiski Tartt after signing with sizable guarantee [report]

“A familiar face has just come onto the market.”

Bears’ Darnell Mooney says Justin Fields is going to make 49ers regret passing on him

“He’s gonna prove everything that everybody doubted him on – especially Week 1,” Mooney said. “That team passed on him. So they’re gonna have to pay a little bit for that.”