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Golden Nuggets: Jimmy’s back, FIVE running backs on the roster, and Poe waived

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

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Thompson: For Trey Lance, pressure was inevitable — and the 49ers think he’s ready for it (paywall)

“Shanahan’s retort to the challenge of Lance’s position? Suck it up. This is the life of an NFL quarterback. Better listen to Tha Carter II or something, get his mind right....Buried in there, unspoken but obvious, is Shanahan believes Lance can handle this. They see the right spirit in Lance, enough that they could put him in this situation and publicly act like it’s not even a situation. It’s been seven months of transition already, and Lance seemed to come through that pretty well.”

Hutchinson: Five takeaways after Shanahan, Lynch explain ‘shocking’ move to keep Garoppolo

“He made clear it’s Lance’s team — and consulted Lance before making the decision — while again pointing out that other teams erred in allowing the 49ers to keep two starting-caliber quarterbacks for cheap. They have a sizable chunk of cap space now, and at the very least, the 49ers should expect to get a compensatory third-round pick next offseason for Garoppolo.”

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan discuss the 49ers keeping Jimmy Garoppolo

“San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters via a conference call on Tuesday to discuss Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract restructure. Here is everything they had to say.”

Maiocco: 49ers completely botched their handling of Jimmy G

“Why did the 49ers not see this coming? Why did they not get to work earlier to convince Garoppolo that taking a pay cut to remain with the organization was something that was in the best interest of both sides?”

Matt Maiocco discusses Trey Lance’s leash, what doesn’t make sense about Jimmy Garoppolo situation

“What Trey Lance’s strong suit is right now is he’ll make a dynamic play. He’ll make it with his arm, he’ll stretch the field vertically, horizontally, he’s not going to be super accurate, but he’ll stretch the field. He’ll be able to when a play breaks down, he will make something out of nothing with his legs...But what he doesn’t do as of yet, is he doesn’t make the layup at the 100 percent which it should be. So he doesn’t put the ball on guys like Jimmy does, and allow those guys to run after the catch.”

49ers announce 53-man roster cuts

“The San Francisco 49ers announced the following roster moves, with distinctions between veteran players who were released and not subject to waivers, and younger players who are subject to the waiver wire.”

Ian Rapoport explains when and why 49ers decided to bring back Jimmy Garoppolo

“I’d say about four or five days ago, conversations picked up between Jimmy Garoppolo’s agents and the 49ers about him possibly staying,” Rapoport said on “Good Morning Football.”

6 takeaways from the 49ers’ initial 53-man roster

“Having five running backs on a 53-man roster – six if you count fullback Kyle Juszczyk – is the most stereotypically Kyle Shanahan thing Shanahan has ever done.”

49ers agree to bring back recently-released TE Tyler Kroft, DE Jordan Willis

“Willis is a good rotational defensive end who can also contribute on special teams. His release was a surprise, but since he didn’t have to pass waivers the team knew they could get him back without risking another team claiming him. Willis will be the 10th defensive lineman.”

Five most surprising developments from 49ers’ 53-man roster

“The only draft pick who was waived on Tuesday was cornerback Tariq Castro-Fields, whom the 49ers selected out of Penn State in the sixth round.”

49ers’ 53-man roster breakdown: 3 QBs, 5 running backs and other twists (paywall)

“It seems that the rookie Womack has sealed the 49ers’ starting nickelback job. Shanahan has previously coached for a team that started a rookie at that slot cornerback position. The 2014 Browns, with Shanahan as offensive coordinator, featured K’Waun Williams in that role. Williams would later man the nickel for the first five years of Shanahan’s 49ers tenure, and now Womack will succeed him.”

Kawakami: Why Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers just can’t quit each other (paywall)

“This is a value play for the 49ers, who are stunned that nobody else wanted to give up anything to trade for Garoppolo. It’s also a bet on their own leadership abilities and the cohesion of that locker room. Other teams would fear a two-QB soap opera. The 49ers have just renewed the show for a second season.”

Barrows: Worried about Trey Lance-Jimmy Garoppolo dynamic? The 49ers consider it a coup (paywall)

“Two things were made clear to Garoppolo and Lance: Garoppolo would serve as the younger man’s backup, and their respective salaries would reflect that hierarchy...that’s true in terms of base salaries — Garoppolo’s is $6.5 million, and Lance will earn $7.75 million this season.”