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Golden Nuggets: Spencer Burford has been stacking days

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, August 4th, 2022

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Hutchinson: 49ers Notebook: The Brandon Aiyuk show continues

“In 11-on-11, there were three catches from Aiyuk. All were nonsensically good. He had one where he just about Moss’d Ambry Thomas. The other two were touchdown catches in the red zone. The first came against Charvarius Ward, who covered Aiyuk well initially; but Aiyuk eventually cut out towards the pylon and received a great pass from Lance, diving and securing the grab.”

Branch: 49ers’ practice report: Trey Lance, Deebo Samuel on different wavelengths (paywall)

“Lance targeted Samuel with a well-thrown deep pass that was tipped away by cornerback Emmanuel Moseley. Later, Samuel broke a deep route toward the sideline as Lance sailed his pass toward the end zone.”

Mike McGlinchey comfortable with new weight, new guard nearby: 49ers camp report (paywall)

“You have to be athletic and to move in space and to understand the angles and the physics that it takes to block people and to block them with the timing of the play,” McGlinchey said. “Spencer’s starting to get that every single day. You see him move around more confidently. You see him attacking defensive linemen a little bit better in the run game. You see him setting with more confidence in pass protection.”

Trent Williams took 49ers rookies under his wing and they’re flying early in camp (paywall)

“Williams said he could tell right away that Poe had talent. In fact, he could feel it. He said he was holding a blocking pad on the first day of the June minicamp when he felt a strong jolt. It was Poe.

“I was like, ‘Oh, damn, who is that?’” Williams recalled. “I didn’t even see his name on the back of his jersey or nothing like that. His first step off the ball, it’s extremely quick.”

DeMeco Ryans provides 49ers defensive updates during Week 2 of training camp

“Trey is a very smart player. Even though sometimes we do. Our guys have been seeing these plays for a while and sometimes they’re on it. Sometimes they’re not on it, everybody makes mistakes here and there, but it’s just the way you see Trey creating and making plays even though guys may be in the right spot. He’s still able to move around and create plays. And that’s what’s encouraging to see, and I’m excited to see him go out and actually play against someone else, because he’s done a great job versus us, so I’m excited to see him go play against someone else.”

49ers’ DeMeco Ryans identifies training camp focus for Javon Kinlaw: ‘Technique, technique, technique’

“Kinlaw is a special player, special talent,” Ryans said. “He just has to get back to playing football. It’s been a while for him. I like where he is. He’s not pressing. He’s not trying to do too much. He has the right mindset every day to go out and get better, and I’m seeing that from him in the individual drills, and also in the team drills. He’s doing a good job these past couple of days.”

Greg Papa breaks down NFL appealing Watson suspension, what it means for Garoppolo

“What the appeal means is they are going to change the suspension more than likely, almost assuredly. They’re going back to maybe the biggest mistake this administration made with doling out punishment, it goes back to Ray Rice. It was an embarrassing initial suspension, they had to overturn that. Ray Rice wound up never playing the the NFL again. There are still people that work in the league office that went through that and somehow kept their jobs, they don’t want to do that again.”

Cohn: The Good and Not So Good from Day 7 of 49ers Training Camp: Deebo is Not in Football Shape

“He was the best player on the field. No one could cover him. During 1 on 1s, Aiyuk beat Charvarius Ward twice to the inside for touchdowns, and then beat Jimmie Ward and made him spin the wrong direction. During 11 on 11s, Aiyuk caught a 20-yard pass over Ambry Thomas (more on him below), plus two touchdown catches in the red zone — one over Charvarius Ward and one over Ka’Dar Hollman. Aiyuk isn’t extremely fast or explosive, but he’s an excellent route runner, he’s strong, he’s tough, he has long arms and he’s sure handed. So Aiyuk isn’t the best athlete on the offense — that’s Deebo Samuel (more on him below) — but Aiyuk does appear to be the best wide receiver on the team.”

49ers veteran tight end tears ACL during training camp [report]

“According to the Mercury News’ Cam Inman, 49ers tight end Jordan Matthews suffered a torn ACL and will go on injured reserve, ending his season.”