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49ers work out WR Willie Snead and QB James Morgan; waive WR Taysir Mack

Jaylon Moore suffered an injury

San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Kyle Shanahan provided a few injury updates ahead of Friday’s practice. Wide receiver Marcus Johnson is in the concussion protocol after taking a shot from Friday Warner during Tuesday’s practice. That was the hit that provoked the team fight. Shanahan called the hit a cheap shot.

He said the intensity was great up until the point of punches: “I don’t care how much crap each other talks, I don’t care how close they get to fighting, they can do whatever they want. But once you throw a punch, you get ejected.”

Right tackle Jaylon Moore has a lower leg strain. Moore missed practice earlier this week. The 49ers worked out a trio of offensive linemen Thursday. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear the team signed one of those players this afternoon.

The 49ers are working out James Morgan, who plays quarterback. Shanahan said this was news to him, and there isn’t any injury to make the signing urgent. But it’s an interesting signing, nonetheless. Trey Lance, Nate Sudfeld, and Brock Purdy have rotated. I’m not sure where there’s room for a fourth quarterback to receive reps unless the Purdy experiment is over before it started.

Shanahan said the team is happy with the competition at center. Jake Brendel and Daniel Brunskill continue to rotate, with Brendel the current leader in the clubhouse. Shanahan knows he needs to see both play, though: You don’t know if an O-lineman can play until he gets his ass kicked in a game.”

Coaches love seeing how players respond to adversity. Chris Foerster echoed Shanahan’s statements on Thursday.

The 49ers waived WR Taysir Mack, whose last play was an interception that went through his hands and fell into the lap of Deommodore Lenoir. That’s a tough way to go out. The team reportedly worked out wide receiver Willie Snead Friday morning.

If Moore goes on the IR, with Mack’s release, an offensive lineman and wide receiver signing are likely on the horizon.