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Golden Nuggets: Who do you think will be this year’s Glen Coffee?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Stock up, stock down: Where 49ers stand heading into 1st preseason game week

“We’ve learned a lot about San Francisco’s roster, with some key players shining like we thought, and others coming up with a disappointing first two weeks.”

Branch: What 49ers are preaching to Trey Sermon: He who hesitates is lost (paywall)

“Well, the first thing I did — because I heard the noise, too — I brought Trey in and just told him, ‘I’m a new coach on staff,’” Lynn said. “‘I have no history with you. I don’t care what you did in the past. But I liked your film at Ohio State. I know what you’re capable of. This is what we’re going to do. And this is how were going to do it.’

“And so far, I like the way he’s responded. He’s not a rookie anymore. He’s been a professional. And I just see it carrying over to the field.”

Rapoport: 49ers’ talent can carry Trey Lance through ‘up and down’ season

“And everything else—accuracy, the up and down—they’re going to have to live with. And I think because they are so talented on defense—really, really talented—and they’re going to run the ball well, I think they’ll be able to manage that, especially early. But it has been a little up and down.”

Silver: Will the 2022 49ers be Kyle Shanahan’s most epic coaching flex yet? (paywall)

“The following Sunday night, on the eve of a home game against the rival Rams, Shanahan declared in a meeting at the team hotel, “If we get 30 runs, we’re gonna win the game.”

Shanahan might be the NFL’s shrewdest offensive strategist, a coach who routinely rolls out cutting-edge, opponent-specific game plans designed to isolate tendencies and exploit weaknesses. That’s not what this was. Shanahan was laying down a marker, provoking his players to fight their way back into contention, one ferocious burst of physicality at a time. On the fly, with little to no margin for error, he was forging an identity that would become a movement.”

MMQB: Sense Is 49ers Think They Can Get Late-Round Pick in Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

“My sense is the 49ers still think they can get something, even if it’s just a late-round pick, for him while dictating his destination,” Breer wrote.

Heart-wrenching playoff losses to 49ers still haunt Rodgers

“Of course,” Rodgers told King when asked if that incompletion sticks with him. “You think about all those plays from all the years. Never goes away. Doesn’t mean that you dwell on them or you can’t get past them. You’re a competitor, you remember maybe the failures more than the successes. I think that’s just a part of loving to compete and hating to lose maybe more than you love to win.”