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Shanahan expects Trey Lance and the starters to play in the 1st and 3rd preseason game

Shanahan is not a fan of preseason games

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan met with the media ahead of Tuesday’s practice. Shanahan made it a point to remind everyone that defenses get the best of offenses during training camp: “I’ve never in my career felt like the offense beat the defense in training camp.”

He didn’t excuse a poor Trey Lance interception that was thrown into coverage and intercepted by Fred Warner, though. Shanahan doesn’t mind missed throws but stated you couldn’t win when you turn the ball over.

Shanahan has been pleased with his quarterback: “I think it’s gone how you’d expect it. A couple good days, a couple rough days. I’ve been real pleased with Trey.” He’s ready to see Lance and the rookies under the bright lights.

The Niners head coach isn’t a fan of preseason games but says you can learn whether the lights are too big for the youngsters. Speaking of, Lance and the starters will play in the first and third games of the preseason. Here he is on which starters will play:

“We’ll play more in the scrimmage (against the Vikings) than in the game. And then to have a chance to get them to play in a game four days after that against Houston when we get back Sunday morning, that’ll be tough. So that’s why I don’t want them to play much in that game.

Hopefully, a little in one, a little in three, and we’ll have 17 days to get ready for Week 1. In my mind right now, I’d like to have Trey get in games one and three. I want some of them (starters) in there at least.”

Jimmy Garoppolo played one series in each of the preseason games last year. Shanahan wants to see how these following two practices go before he determines how long Lance or any starter plays.

Shanahan said he’d prefer a scrimmage weekly instead of a game. You can control what happens in a scrimmage. The same cannot be said for a game.