Niners should trade for Kareem Hunt

I know PFF has inundated the masses with stats that show that RBs barely matter and that smart teams spend as little as possible on the position, but you know what they say about statistics.

Trading for a RB like Hunt would elevate the Niners offense to another level. I love Mitchell and all, but he’s good not great, and as much fun as it is to get excited by Mason or talk yourself into yet another underwhelming 3rd round RB, the combo of Hunt/Mitchell would mean great depth and injury protection.

Hunt would be a great fit for the Shanahan run scheme, and most importantly, is acquirable. He’s the clear RB2 in Cleveland behind Chubb, and the Browns also have second year RB Williams who looked great when he played last season. Additionally, Hunt is on the final year of his current contract and was publicly asking for an extension earlier in the preseason. Cleveland is an AFC team. We have a bunch of extra cap space this year from the Jimmy restructure (no, I’m not suggesting we use all of that on a new deal for Hunt lol).

Shanahan’s genius shines through his run game, and few things will make things easier on Lance than a devastating ground game setting up the PAP. Send a conditional day 3 pick and be done with it already - it just makes too much sense!

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