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Golden Nuggets: One more sleep until the 49ers play

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Saturday, September 10, 2022

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Hutchinson: 10 predictions and hot takes for the 49ers’ 2022 campaign

“It should also be noted that the 49ers have added a mini putting green to their locker room. Danny Gray told KNBR that Poe is the current putting leader in the clubhouse. Do with that what you will.”

Kyle Shanahan provides final updates ahead of 49ers-Bears

“San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters after Friday’s practice and ahead of the team’s Week 1 matchup against the Chicago Bears. Here is everything he had to say.”

Why Steve Young thinks Trey Lance ‘has the ingredients’ to be successful 49ers QB (paywall)

“I always say the football field is an amazing truth for human behavior, if you’re paying attention,” Young said. “Trey’s experience over the next six months is a real-life example for all of us to watch and learn how he does it. How I would feel about it? How do I deal with the emotions of it all? Football can be pretty informative on life.

“If it’s true on the football field, it’s true. Because there’s no place to lie. There’s a field. There’s a score. There are 80,000 witnesses. Human behavior that happens on the football field, it’s the truth of human behavior. If you want to study human behavior, watch it on the football field. Players fumble. People metaphorically fumble all the time, but you don’t see their reaction. We get to actually see somebody fumble. What do they do? How do they react? How do they respond? We see the interceptions. We see it all.

“Trey’s going to be one of the great studies for all of us.”

49ers vs. Bears: 10 observations and our season-opener predictions (paywall)

“I’m nervous, bruh,” the rookie Burford said Wednesday in the locker room about his first career game. “I’m not gonna lie to you, bruh. I’m nervous. But that comes natural because I care about this.”

Kyle Shanahan provides honest response to noise about 49ers’ lack of faith in Trey Lance

“Guys, this is Trey’s first year starting for us,” Shanahan said. “We were letting go of a $24 million starting quarterback to do that. We got him back for a backup price. I don’t think that has to do with not having faith in your starter. That never would have happened if it just didn’t come to fruition there. We were very fortunate that happened. So we obviously were willing to go a different direction, and we ended up having something fall into our lap... The whole captain vote [argument] is kind of a joke to me.”

Branch: After not practicing, 49ers’ George Kittle thinks he could play Sunday (paywall)

“In 2019, Kittle suffered what the team termed a groin injury in practice two days before a 20-7 win over the Rams, was listed as questionable and had eight catches for 103 yards. He said his current injury is “mildly” similar.”