2022 - NYners Plea to the Football Gods

Tomorrow not only kicks off a new season of 49er Bully-Ball, but also a new era where Trey Lance hopefully takes those first steps of cementing himself as the franchises next HOF QB.

I'm not superstitious. But I am. I guess.

When watching games from home, I have a particular ritual I've followed for many years. The primary TV I watch the games on is flanked by two 49er helmets. After readying myself with snacks, drinks and a freshly emptied bladder, I dust off the helmets, kiss the logo and place them back. Perfectly placed, of course. Then I crank up the volume to 49 and it's go time!

I doubt this actually has any impact one way or another on the result of the game about to kick off, but I'll be damned if me skipping my small contribution will be the reason for a loss. Nope. I'm not about to be that guy.

The next thing I've tried on and off has been to post a pre-game prayer on NN. In that, I'm asking for two things. First and most importantly, I'm praying for no injuries. And of course next, a 49er victory.

Well. The last couple years my plea's to the Football Gods have been hit and miss, with way to much miss in the form of way too many injuries. As such, since I can't just not do it and live with myself when someone has a season-ender, I'm going to do it here. One time.

My logic? Maybe I've been pissing off the Football Gods by coming across as a nag. So maybe, just maybe, if I cut them some slack they'll return the damn favor. Seem reasonable? Does to me, so here goes.

Dear Football Gods,

Thank you for the start of the 2022 season. Please accept my apologies if I've come across as too demanding by sending you a prayer every week for all these years. I'm going to back off, give you some space to focus, and send you just one this year, one to last for the entire season and post season, Gods willing.

You've been pretty reasonable so far, so thank you for that. Our mighty Niners are in Chicago now, an largely intact. That said, they've also given you their sacrifices. Mo Hurst sacrificed his entire season, and one of the few remaining chances he might have to show up and make some money. Jimmy Ward is missing at least the first quarter of the season, as is Jason Verrett. Dan Brunskill won't get to suit up for Chicago. And now The Peoples TE is on shaky ground at best.

Hopefully that's enough.

Please Football Gods. Please watch over our mighty Niners this year. This is a locker room filled with hard working high character men. They're brave, strong and loyal. They deserve the chance to stay healthy and be given the opportunity to compete to achieve the goals they've worked their whole life for.

And me? I've been good too. I work hard, I've raised 3 amazing kids (even though one is a Giants fan) who are now raising their own, and I've done my job there too spoiling them rotten. I'm at the stage of life where there's quite a bit more time behind me than there is ahead. I need another 49er Super Bowl victory like I need air!!!! To get there, our players need their health.

So please, no more injuries for our mighty Forty Niners, and help them to emerge victorious each week from the fields of battle. I won't be greedy and also ask for the next Lombardy this year. I'm just asking to give them good health. They'll take care of the rest.


Respectfully Yours.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.