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Golden Nuggets: A monsoon of misery this Monday morning

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, September 12, 2022

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Hutchinson: 49ers collapse against Bears in error-riddled, confounding opener

“It will be a game the 49ers will want to forget, desperately, but one they’ll have to rewind, painfully, to improve on. With a projected brutal second half of the season, this was supposed to be a scheduled win. That it was not may require some soul-searching.”

Hutchinson: Trey Lance took the blame, but this wasn’t on him

“While there’s not much to feel good about after Sunday, he had some positive moments and a postgame tenor that was simultaneously self-critical and optimistic about the rest of the season.”

49ers-Bears: How Kyle Shanahan, Trey Lance, Nick Bosa reacted to disappointing Week 1 loss

“We’re just going to keep our head up, keep grinding,” Lance responded. “It’s a long season. Sixteen more of these things in the regular season, so I’m excited for next week. Those guys did a great job up front. They did a great job. Receivers made a bunch of plays. Running backs made a bunch of plays. I’ve just got to be better.”

Penalties and mistakes, not Trey Lance, main reasons San Francisco 49ers are 0-1

“Absolutely not,” right tackle Mike McGlinchey said. “Not in those conditions. I would never hold any of that against him. But as for our performance as a team, the game shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place.”

Barrows: How the 49ers sank themselves with penalties, gaffes in opening loss to Bears (paywall)

“We killed ourselves,” Warner said.”

Lombardi: An annoyed Nick Bosa laments the 49ers’ mistakes in ugly loss to Bears (paywall)

“Until then, Bosa will remain irritated — possibly by the Chicago rain and definitely by Sunday’s blown lead and ugly defeat to the underdog Bears. The 49ers’ D-line was as dominant as advertised at first, and then it was neutralized in largely self-inflicted fashion. There might be nothing that annoys Bosa more than that.”

Branch: 49ers come unglued, Trey Lance fails to answer Bears’ surge in opening loss (paywall)

“It’s hard enough to play against the opposing team,” left tackle Trent Williams said. “It’s even harder when you play against yourself.”

Silver: Pressure on 49ers’ Trey Lance heightens after ‘it all fell apart’ vs. Bears (paywall)

“Sometimes, the quarterback has to be the difference-maker, especially if you traded three first-round picks to move up to draft him.”

Kawakami: Trey Lance’s best and most important moments came after the 49ers’ loss to Chicago (paywall)

“Trent Williams, probably the team’s most respected veteran and the straightest shooter, was standing about 15 feet away from Lance during this short monologue and heard all of it. A little later, I asked Williams what he made of this 22-year-old publicly assuming all of the blame for this vastly disappointing outcome.

“It’s why they handed him the keys to the organization,” Williams said. “He’s a mature dude. He’s a great teammate. That doesn’t surprise me. That’s why he’s here.”

Garoppolo and Rams had ‘makings of a deal’ if QB was released by 49ers [report]

“That’s the latest from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who reported on Sunday morning that the Rams and Garoppolo had the “makings of a deal” if SF had released Garoppolo as expected. The 49ers were apparently not aware that such a deal was on the table, until after they re-signed Garoppolo.”