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49ers in Five: Will Jordan Mason and Ty Davis-Price get their shot at running back?

“They’re two talented players...but they’ve got to grow up fast”

Everything you need to know about the team in around five minutes

For the second straight season, the 49ers’ starting running back didn’t make it all the way through Week 1. So, who does the team turn to going forward? Kyle Shanahan gave us a hint yesterday during his conference call with the media.

“We’ve always been comfortable with Jeff [Wilson Jr.] just because of his experience and what he’s done here. We know what we’re gonna get. The other two guys? They made our team for a reason. They’re two talented players who we think can help us a lot running the ball, but they’ve got to grow up fast. They’re trying to compete and learn how to play better without the ball in their hand.

With injuries and stuff they’re going to have more opportunities to get some carries and things like that, obviously, but they’ve got to grow up and get this experience while on the run. A lot more pressure will be on those guys, and we’re gonna have to pick it up as a group to help them out.”

During Kyle Juszczyk’s media session, he explained why young running backs with San Francisco have it tougher than most.

“That’s really the toughest thing for a running back in this offense. The transition from college to the NFL, as far as just carrying the ball, it’s not a huge transition. That’s why you’ll see a lot of successful rookies in the NFL at the running back position.

Just like Kyle said, it’s that stuff when you don’t have the ball. It’s the pass protection, it’s running the routes. For us specifically, running backs are blocking a lot because we’ve got a guy like Deebo Samuel, who runs the ball. Or [Brandon] Aiyuk, or Trey [Lance]. You get asked to do some things that maybe I would be doing as a fullback as a halfback. Those are all just added stuff to their plate, but it’s not something they can’t do. It’s definitely something that they can learn and something they can be successful at.”

Ty Davis-Price and Jordan Mason probably didn’t brush up on their run blocking before coming to the 49ers. You combine that will all of the pass-blocking responsibilities that they’re expected to learn, and the learning curve gets steeper than Filbert Street.

If Davis-Price and Mason can study up and protect Trey Lance consistently, they should get their shot to carry the ball. If not, brace yourself for a lot more Deebo Samuel and QB power out of the backfield.

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