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Mike Martz is not a fan of Trey Lance

“I’ve never liked him, I still don’t like him”

Everything you need to know about the team in around five minutes

The Trey Lance takes have come in hot and heavy from the moment he was drafted in 2021. Now that Trey is officially the starter, some that doubted him have been waiting for their chance to confirm their priors. After last week’s loss to the Bears, former 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Martz entered the chat.

“I’ve never seen anything about this kid that was encouraging at all. He really has to plant himself to make a good throw. He’s not a quick decision guy. [Everything] about him being a mobile guy and making plays with his feet, he looked like a fullback stumbling around trying to run the ball to me. He’s not Lamar. I don’t know what he is. He’s not particularly good guy running with the football.

Based on what I saw today he missed two guys completely by themselves. I know it was in the rain but quarterbacks do that, you make those throws. I know this, he can only go up, he can only get better, because you can’t get any worse that what he did [Sunday]. I’ve never liked him, I still don’t like him, I’d like to know what he does so well. Because he’s not a great passer, doesn’t have great skills, takes him a long time to set himself and throw the football, misses easy throws and he’s not a particularly good runner. Other than that he’s a hell of a player.”

I think even the most fervent Lance stans would admit that there were some things to question after 10 quarters of football last year. Four more quarters in a monsoon is hardly enough to answer those questions, however. Particularly from a guy that once said JT O’Sullivan could be the best quarterback he’s ever coached.

Speaking of O’Sullivan, even he thought Martz went overboard (from one of his two Twitter accounts).

Regardless of where you came down on Lance coming into the league, there was plenty of evidence on Sunday to support your opinion. The truth of the matter is that it’s going to take far more than one game for any of us to have a good idea of where Lance is right now, and ultimately where he can go as a starting quarterback.

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