It's time we critically think about Trey Lance

One of my all time favorite quotes is: "Critical thinking without hope is cynicism. Hope without critical thinking is naivete" -Maria Popova. Not only is this a good quote for life but it's especially relevant to this blog's conversation around Trey Lance.

Before we continue into the depths of the argument, I feel the need to state my intentions so that I can attempt to unite instead of divide our fan base; I have hope that Trey Lance will be a good QB in the near future (one year from now). Also, I don't blame anyone, especially in the media, for saying he doesn't look good.

Far too many in this community feel the need to either defend Trey Lance or chalk him up as a bust after 3 games started. More importantly, far too few seem to present a reasonable opinion that falls between the two (thank you Gitaroo_Dude for being one of the few).

Ask yourself... If you were a Seahawks fan right now, sad, lonely, wishing Russel didn't cheat on you with an outlet, truly believing Geno Smith is an elite QB because he won one game, fantasizing over a winning season only to take last place in your division... how would you feel about Trey Lance? To be candid, I'd be ecstatic. The Niners draft an extremely raw talent that mostly looks underwhelming in preseason and regular season performances and, at the very least, will take a lot of time to reach his potential. Not only that but they spent 3 first round picks on him. Just because a handful of QBs have been successful after a poor rookie year, doesn't mean Trey will. For every Josh Allen, there are 10 other QBs that struggled in year one and never improved.

On the flip side, Josh Allen does exist. Kyle Shanahan IS one of the most talented head coaches in the NFL. Trey DOES have physical talents that could make him the best QB in the NFL. Trey's inexperience is a valid excuse and he IS showing signs of improvement (albeit slower than many of us would like). There are a dozen other reasons why we should have hope that things will turn around for him.

Say what you'd like but the point of this post is to convince you to see the other side of things. The fact is Trey could be bad or could be great and we won't know either for quite some time. To say otherwise is Kuhkot.

Go Niners

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