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Golden Nuggets: Kemoko Turay gets his shot

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, September 15, 2022

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The Chronicle

49ers to place Jordan Willis on IR, promote Kemoko Turay

“Turay looked impressive in training camp with a 1-2 combo of an outside speed rush and a counter spin move that made use of those speed rush expectations.”

Shanahan provides updates on Kittle, Brunskill

“[Kittle has] made a lot of progress,” Shanahan said. “So hopefully we’ll have him back going this week.”

Why Cowherd believes Lance is in similar spot as Tebow was

“Trey Lance is way more talented than Tim Tebow and Shanahan is a better coach, in my opinion than John Fox and this Niner roster is better than that Denver roster,” Cowherd continued. “They just came to terms with Tebow. They’re like, ‘We’re not going to make Tebow fit in our system, we’re just going to lean into what Tebow can do and do that system.”

Jeff Wilson’s mission: Making sure 49ers’ rookie runners avoid ‘bonehead’ plays

“Nick threw the ball and Bobby Wagner picked it off and ran all the way to the crib,” Wilson recalled in front of his locker Wednesday, a sheepish grin on his face. “So, yeah, that was on me. Now y’all know — that was strictly on me. That’s why I said I would never let nothing like that happen to me again or to those younger guys. That’s why I’m on ’em.”

Silver: 49ers experts: Montana, Young know what Lance, Garoppolo are dealing with

“Early on you can be freaked out and miss all those throws,” Young said. “Accuracy comes out of the fingertips, and he’s not a fingertip thrower. I don’t know if there’s a limiting factor. I don’t think Trey knows, either. He has the ability to develop. It’s the athleticism in your arm to make all the throws — off-balance, with movement, going against your body.”

Elijah Mitchell’s knee injury has San Francisco 49ers facing all-too-familiar running back issue

“According to Shanahan, the biggest thing for both rookie backs is learning how to do the little things — blitz pickups, route running, even run blocking — that happen when they don’t have the ball. Shanahan said both players will have to “grow up fast” and the pressure will be on because they will be getting opportunities sooner than later.”

Fields observed Lance ‘taking too many hits’ in 49ers-Bears

“I got to talk to my boy, Trey. I think he was taking too many hits out there,” Fields said. “I try to not take hits at all, to be honest with you unless the game’s on the line … That’s really the only time I’m taking a hit. Other than that I’m pretty much going to slide. For all the defenders out there that think I’m going to stay up, I’m not so don’t worry about getting those late hits on me.”

Branch: Trey Lance is already in 49ers’ record book, but can he stay on the field? (paywall)

“On Sunday, in his third career start, Lance had 13 carries, the third-most in the 49ers’ 76-year history.”

Branch: 49ers’ rarely seen Lance-to-Kittle connection may not be on display Sunday (paywall)

“Lance’s only completion to Kittle came in his second start last season, when they connected for a 29-yard gain in a win against the Texans. Before Lance played without Kittle in a 19-10 loss to the Bears on Sunday, he did the same in his first career start, a 17-10 loss to Cardinals in October. Those are the only instances in the 49ers’ past 44 games that they’ve scored 10 or fewer points.”

Sean Payton: Jimmy G will replace Lance as 49ers’ starter

”I think, and I believe, don’t kid yourself, that we’re gonna see Garoppolo back in that lineup.”