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49ers roundtable: Which version of the Niners will we see in Week 2?

It’s tough to envision the defense allowing more than two touchdowns. But how will the offense respond?

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Week 2 is here. Almost. This week has been brutal and full of nonsensical comments. Thankfully, the 49ers QB provided us with some light-hearted humor Thursday once a video surfaced of him...dancing, let’s say.

Here are our predictions.

Marc: 49ers 27-10

With the media lambasting Trey Lance for his support of scarlet-collar workers, the 49ers' offensive line will bounce back from their rough Week 1 showing and shield him from any more haters. Then, with his wallet empty and the pocket clean, Lance will rise to the occasion and pick apart the Seahawks' defensive backfield in the best NFL performance of his career.

Geno Smith was efficient in the first game of the season, but Seattle still only scored 17 points against a Broncos defense that is less talented than the 49ers. The Niners' defense was undisciplined and made too many mistakes against the Bears, but even then, they only allowed 19 points.

Rich: 49ers 28, Seahawks 17

The field might be wetter than normal, and the footing might be slicker than usual, with some tight competition in town, but Trey Lance should be able to pull this one out and get this team back on track. 49ers win this one with ease, 28-17, over a lackluster and dry Seahawks team still hungover from beating their former star quarterback. The Seahawks will also be without Jamal Adams. Easy money.

Kyle: 49ers 30, Seahawks 13

History suggests this will be a close game. There were different players on those previous Seahawks teams, though. I see two teams on the opposite end of the luck spectrum in Week 1, which’ll showcase itself Sunday.

Seattle has weapons on the perimeter that can threaten the 49ers secondary, but they can’t block the Niners' defensive line. Geno Smith will hit a big play or two but won’t have the luxury he had last week when there were nearly three seconds to sit in the pocket and throw.

The Hawks still haven’t figured out you can’t run the ball near D.J. Jones. The Niners were comfortable with Jones leaving, knowing they’d have a healthy Kinlaw, who played as well as he has as a pro in Week 1.

Seattle struggled to run the ball against Denver. They rushed for 76 yards on 18 attempts, but 26 of those came on one carry. A 25% success rate won’t get the job done against arguably the best run defense in the league.

On the other side of the ball, San Francisco’s speed should run wild through the Seahawks' secondary all game. I doubt the team that allowed the fourth-highest EPA per dropback in Week 1 and lost their star safety will slow down a team that hit multiple explosive passing plays in a monsoon.

Assuming the 49ers don’t turn the ball over on the one-yard line multiple times and have self-inflicted errors like last week, I struggle to see how this game is close. This is an excellent spot for Trey Lance to make it rain for the second Sunday in a row.

Rob: 49ers 20, Seahawks 17

Even with the Seahawks stripped of their chief 49ers’ tormentor, the idea that the Niners are just going to club the Seahawks over the head ignores what we’ve seen in this matchup over the last half-decade. San Francisco has averaged just 20.8 points per game against Pete Carroll in the Kyle Shanahan era, a fact which Russell Wilson had nothing to do with. Unless the defense forces Geno Smith to turn the ball over right into the lap of the offense, we shouldn’t be dancing in the streets just. This one will be closer than Vegas thinks.

Yinon: Niners 24 Seattle 14

The best athletes are able to put the past behind them, and we’ll see how Lance can brush that behind off. He’s learning that the NFL defenses are much more athletic than he’s ever faced in his football career, pressure implanting in his face faster than he could find his wallet.

But despite inclement weather leading to choppy waters, I have faith that Trey will motorboat along and ride the storm out while his teammates all step up. Aiyk has been looking but not touching the ball lately, and that changes at home on Sunday. Our pass rush will make Geno Smith look like Geno Smith while Charvarius Ward shuts DK down. Santa Clara rains are not nearly as bad as Midwestern monsoons, so I see the Niners and their young quarterback finishing with plenty of tips (on how to play winning football.

Jason: Niners 27, Seattle 17

While the forecast calls for more rain, I suspect it will pale in comparison to the constant rain/downpour in Chicago. Seattle’s matchup with Denver somewhat mirrored the 49ers' Week 1 game, minus the weather. Denver fumbled twice at the goal line, and Nathaniel Hackett had his late-game clock management error, which led to a Seattle victory.

The 49ers beat themselves, and you could argue Denver did the same. Credit to Geno Smith for his very efficient performance (23/28, 195 yards, 2 TD). Smith didn’t push the ball downfield much, and Mooney Ward against DK will make life hard for Geno. It doesn’t get much more simple than executing and staying disciplined for the 49ers to win. Seattle’s defense last season was excellent in the red zone, and the 49ers were first in red zone scoring percentage. This will be the key to victory for the 49ers as they will be able to move the ball on this defense. Expect a much better Kyle Shanahan and Trey Lance in week 2.

Xavier: Niners 30, Seattle 10

The saying “must-win game” is draining early in the season but prevalent when your schedule heats up in the back end. Plus, nothing feels better than beating your biggest rival. A lot of the 49er-Seahawk matchups came down to the final drive dating back to the Jim Harbaugh days when the rivalry was reignited. Draft Kings sports book has the Niners as an 8.5-point favorite which shows how Vegas feels about the talent disparity.

Seattle’s quarterback Geno Smith outdueled Russell Wilson in primetime without a ton of wow plays. Smith won the game with an average depth of target of five yards. Expect DeMeco Ryans’ defense to avoid penalties and play with better zone integrity to pitch a near shutout. Shanahan is expecting a better turnover on offense and that starts with better playing conditions. Trey Lance is 1-0 as a starter in Levi’s Stadium. If you ask me, the second-year prospect finds his footing in the NFL Sunday with an impactful performance. Cleaner decision-making will help Lance move the chains and get the Niners in the end zone.