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DeMeco Ryans: We didn’t finish last week

Ryans expects even more defensive production in Week 2

Everything you need to know about the team in around five minutes

Mistakes and missed opportunities will forever be the story of Week 1’s loss to the Bears. If the 49ers are going to even their record against the Seahawks, defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans knows what has to be done by his players.

“We have to do our part on Sunday. We have to finish. That’s one thing we didn’t do this past Sunday, we didn’t finish. We had opportunities to close that game out, and defensively we didn’t get the job done. For us, the thing coming in is how much better can we play? How can we help support our team and put us in position to win the game?”

It’s no secret Kyle Shanahan wants to lean on the defense this season. Hell, the way he manages games it feels like he wants to do that every season. With Trey Lance under center, that goes double for 2022. With that in mind, it would be understandable if Ryans and the defense put extra pressure on themselves this year because of the inexperience at quarterback.

Hufanga the Unrelenting got things off to a great start last week with an early interception of Justin Fields. Unfortunately for the 49ers that was the only turnover they generated all game. Ryans let it be known that the standard is higher this week.

“We just got to go get the ball more. I think it was great for Huf getting the one interception, but my challenge to our guys is can we get more? Can we get more? Can we get more? So if we continue to play like we played on Sunday, play smarter and continue to attack the ball. Everyone’s going to be happy with the results on Sunday.”

From your lips to God’s ears, coach. With a couple of turnovers and a little more success inside the red zone, the 49ers would look like a completely different team in Week 2.

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