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Golden Nuggets: Lance still in pole position as 49ers starting QB

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, September 16, 2022

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49ers practice report: No news is bad news

“The fact neither player has even gotten a limited session is not a good sign for their availability in Week 2. Kittle and Brunskill have both been absent from every practice this season.”

Steve Young: Kyle Shanahan got caught being too conservative with Trey Lance in Week 1

“Kyle was not expansive with the game plan for Trey,” Young told Tolbert & Copes on Wednesday afternoon. “It wasn’t like here’s your coming out party. Not it was very, very careful, very reserved. Got to the 10-0 lead. At halftime Kyle probably thought to himself ‘perfection.’ Everything’s fine, let’s go close this down and then they got jammed up.

Branch: 49ers’ Javon Kinlaw on encouraging opening: ‘I’ve got two legs now’ (paywall)

“As far as explosion, power, stuff like that, I’ve got two legs now,” Kinlaw said. “I’ve been operating on one good leg for a long time. So for me to have two legs and be able to use both the right way? And have no pain when I’m trying to plant on it? Of course it’s going to make a difference. People are just starting to see now what I can really do.”

Talanoa Hufanga and the 49ers defense focus on key matchups against Seattle (paywall)

“Ward spent the past three seasons in Kansas City, but he never faced Metcalf because the Chiefs didn’t play the Seahawks in that span. That’ll change on Sunday, with the battle between the 6-foot-4 Metcalf’s blistering speed and Ward’s silky smooth movement set to be a headlining matchup of the game.”

La Canfora: Shanahan colleagues expect him to bench Lance if 49ers lose to Seahawks

“Quoting a “contract negotiator” for an NFL franchise, La Canfora wrote, “Look at the level of detail that went into that contract. That’s not the kind of thing you do for your backup, right before your raw quarterback makes his first Week 1 start, if you aren’t concerned about him. The deal is structured the way it is because Garoppolo is likely to play. Or they expect him to play. My guess is sooner rather than later.”

Lance promises ‘huge weapon’ Aiyuk will get more touches

“It definitely wasn’t anything like that,” Lance assured. “I know you guys freak out when BA only has a certain amount of touches but it’s definitely not, like you go into a game being like ‘OK, we’re going to give Deebo the ball eight times plus’ or whatever it may be. Deebo’s obviously going to get more touches because he’s in the run game.”

Papa says 49ers ‘annoyed’ by Week 1 loss, must play ‘sharper’

“Independent of Trey, the team around him has got to play better,” Papa continued to Maiocco. “The mistake they made Sunday in Chicago is they put it on the quarterback.”

Richard Sherman remains confident in 49ers Super Bowl prediction

“I think it was kind of an asterisk game with the conditions being what they were,” Sherman said. “Anybody would have struggled in a monsoon rain. The receivers have a hard time grabbing the ball. Obviously, the Deebo [Samuel] fumble was huge. But it’s the conditions that make it tougher on everybody in a football game...I think in normal conditions, in normal everyday conditions, I think the team will be fine. I think [Lance] will be fine, and I think he showed a lot of poise and a lot of positive things in that game.”

Corey Wootton calls out Kyle Shanahan after coach’s comments on KNBR

“So the Bears got you. You talk about play calling, this, that and the other, the same thing that happened in the Falcons game. You abandoned the run game when you had the game on lock. Same thing you did in the second half, that’s why the Bears were able to get the dub.

It is [personal]. I don’t like his arrogance. I told you guys that. I feel he carries himself in a different manner and it rubs me the wrong way and it rubs a lot of people that played in the league the wrong way too.”